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These Airports Have The Slowest TSA In The United States

Travelers have experienced that anxious feeling when confronted with a seemingly endless security...

Rafael Peña Jun 27, 2023
Passenger Hides Gun In Gaming Console At ATL Airport

A Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport passenger has taken his “Call of Duty” a...

Rafael Peña Dec 21, 2022
Price Of TSA PreCheck Decreases Just In Time For Holiday Travel

IDEMIA, the enrollment provider for TSA PreCheck, has decreased the fee for enrollment and...

Ayah A. Nov 7, 2022
TSA Lines At Austin's Airport Have Passengers Waiting On The Sidewalk

TSA lines at Austin’s airport, Austin-Bergstrom International, have been in absolute chaos....

Kelsey Marie May 17, 2022
Everthing You Need To Know About Applying For TSA PreCheck

Last month, 93% of TSA PreCheck travelers waited less than five minutes during security check-in....

Rachel George Jan 7, 2020