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TSA Expands PreCheck Access for Teens Ahead of Busy Summer Travel Season

TSA PreCheck will now be accessible to a larger number of passengers as the summer travel season...

Brunno Braga May 23, 2023
TSA Agent Busted For Smuggling Drugs Past Checkpoints

A TSA agent was sentenced to 70 months in prison for smuggling methamphetamine through LAX for...

Rafael Peña Dec 14, 2022
The “No Traveling With Food” Myth Debunked

With inflation making it harder to travel on a budget, the last cost a traveler needs are dining...

Rafael Peña Oct 17, 2022
Travelers Will No Longer Be Restricted When Packing Liquids, Thanks To This New Technology

When going through TSA , taking large electronics out and packing liquids less than 3.4 fl. oz....

Kelsey Marie May 9, 2022
The Mobile Passport App Makes Getting Through Customs A Breeze

Thanks to a pro-tip from the Washington Post , travelers now have another trick for skipping long...

Danielle Dorsey Jul 10, 2019