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New Jersey

The Global Ghana Girl Shares Local Tri-State Gems Not To Miss

Meet Melissa a.k.a. The Global Ghana Girl, a British-born Ghanaian-American based in New Jersey ....

Ayah A. Jan 19, 2023
Looking For A Change In Scenery? These Are The Happiest States In America For 2022

If you’ve been scrolling on career TikTok lately, you’ve probably seen videos about ‘ quiet...

Kelsey Marie Sep 30, 2022
NYC Cracks Down On Pandemic Travel After Labor Day Weekend

New York City is cracking down on its travel quarantine restrictions to avoid a second wave of...

Kelsey Marie Sep 8, 2020
If You Flew In From Connecticut, New Jersey, Or New York, Florida's Governor Is Demanding A 2 Week Self-Quarantine

Anyone with plans to fly into Florida airports from the Tri-State area will have to quarantine...

Kelsey Marie Mar 25, 2020
Get A Taste Of Nostalgia At The All New Nickelodeon Universe Indoor Theme Park

80’s and 90’s babies, the time has come. If you grew up on Double Dare, Salute Your Shorts, Are...

DeAnna Taylor Oct 21, 2019
Flight Deal: Head To Barcelona For $279 Round-Trip

Even though it’s an European city, you will find that the capital city of the Catalonian region...

Mitti Hicks Jun 7, 2019