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Travel News

Jamaica And The Bahamas Respond To US Travel Warnings

Jamaican and Bahamian authorities have a lot to say in regard to the recent travel warnings...

Aysia Morton Feb 19, 2024
How Fast Can I Get a Passport?

Everyone loves travel, but sometimes forgetting the logistical aspects can put your plans on...

Dorian Smith-Garcia Aug 8, 2023
Why Is Morocco MAR?

Have you ever wondered why FIFA abbreviates Morocco as MAR in its World Cup television coverage?...

Dr. Diana Rangaves Jul 27, 2023
Summer Travel Nightmare: Unsanitary Planes Riddled with Blood, Feces, and No Cleaning Supplies

You may want to think twice before you embark on your summer travels . Rosa Sanchez, an airplane...

Rafael Peña Jun 14, 2023
United Airlines Enhances In-Flight Experience With 4K Displays and Bluetooth Connectivity

United Airlines has significantly enhanced its flying experience for its passengers, particularly...

Rafael Peña Jun 10, 2023
Black Nurse Collaborative Founder Creates Guide To Keep Travelers Healthy

When Covid-19 began ravaging home worldwide, the travel and tourism industry took a hit. The...

Jasmine Osby Jun 7, 2023
Cruise Ship Faces Near-Sinking in Storm Off South Carolina Coast

On May 27, a cruise ship sailed into a fierce storm off the coast of South Carolina , resulting...

Brunno Braga May 30, 2023

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