Bandung: An Escape from Jakarta, Indonesia’s Capital City

My first trip to Jakarta was a sensory assault. The contrasting sights of grand mosques, imposing shopping malls, and roadside food stalls swirled in the cacophony of buzzing motorbikes, taxis, and rickshaw carts. A simple trip across town easily became a three-hour tour, crawling through the maze of traffic. Watching the taxi meter tick away, […]

Chantal Blake

48 Hours in Kastamonu

After visiting Istanbul, Konya, and Cappadocia, you’re probably ready to unplug. A short retreat to Northern Turkey’s Black Sea region is your chance to reconnect to nature and visit historical sites without herds of crowds and persistent opportunists. You can stroll leisurely through town, go horseback riding, and hike through forest paths to discover canyons, […]

Chantal Blake

5 Reasons to Get Off the Beaten Path

There comes a time when the siren song of the city starts to sound a little like tinny elevator music. You’ve had your fill of good coffee and abstract art, and now you want something else. While getting off the beaten path can seem a little tricky, especially if there is a language barrier in […]

Raychelle Heath

5 Stunning Sights in Arizona

Arizona, the 6th largest state in the US is home to some of the most breathtaking views in the world. While the state is best known for its desert landscape, incredibly picturesque mountains and plateaus are found in more than half of the state. These photos below capture some of the unbelievable beauty found here: 1. Sonoran Desert The […]

Nicole Grimes

Paradise in Southern Thailand

This morning, I woke up to the sound of wild birds crying out around me, swaying from side to side as the floating hut I was currently staying in shifted back and forth, the lighting subtle.  I opened my eyes, stumbled to my feet and walked outside to the rickety platform atop the water and […]

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