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South Africa

South Africa's Best Theme Parks

South Africa is known for its natural beauty, amazing beaches and wildlife. However, it also...

Brunno Braga Jan 5, 2024
Radisson Hotel Group Expands In Africa with Ambitious Program

The Radisson Hotel Group has recently announced an ambitious expansion plan to solidify its...

Brunno Braga Jul 11, 2023
After Ghana's Tourism Boom, Kenya And South Africa Launch Campaigns To Attract U.S. Visitors

On the heels of Ghana’s “Year of Return” success in 2019, with 1.1 million visitors and a $3.3...

Simone Cherí Oct 3, 2022
Not One African Nation Made The World’s Happiest Country List, These Countries Prove Otherwise

The World’s Happiest Country List has just been released , but not one African country ranked in...

Mitti Hicks Apr 5, 2022