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TN Ranks: Which Cities Had The Best Beyoncé Mute Challenge

“Look around everybody on mute.” These are more than the lyrics to Beyoncé’s song “Energy” on her...

Parker Diakite Oct 6, 2023
A Tour In Africa Is At The Top Of Janelle Monáe's Wish List This Year

As Janelle Monáe embarks on her Pleasure Playbacks tour, offering select fans a preview of her...

Rafael Peña Jun 7, 2023
Dwyane Wade Moved Out of Florida Due to Anti-LGBTQ Sentiment

In recent years, more and more celebrities have made Florida their permanent home. Many say that...

Brunno Braga Apr 27, 2023
Akon Says Plans For Akon City Are "100,000% Moving"

In 2018, singer Akon announced plans for a futuristic city that drew comparisons to the fictional...

Ayah A. Dec 29, 2022
Louis Vuitton Founder Sells His Jet After Being Tracked On Twitter By Climate Activists

Louis Vuitton founder Bernard Arnault announced on Monday he sold his private jet after people...

Brunno Braga Oct 20, 2022
Bad Bunny And Adidas Will Fly Out Fans To Puerto Rico And New York This Summer

Puerto Rico is known for its warm and sunny days most of the year, which means it is always...

Brunno Braga Aug 9, 2022

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