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Plus-size Traveler Demands Additional Seating and Better Airline Accommodations

Jae’lynn Chaney, a plus-size travel blogger based in Vancouver, Washington, has long campaigned...

Brunno Braga Apr 25, 2023
Resurfaced Viral Video From 2018 Shows Airport Employee Carelessly Throwing Around Suitcases

A video that originally appeared on Twitter in 2018, was re-posted on Instagram by Lunionsuite....

Spencer Jones Nov 8, 2022
Twitter Reacts After Woman Launches Into Racist And Vulgar Tirade On NYC Train

There’s never a dull moment on the New York City subway . And anybody who uses it knows to keep...

Spencer Jones Oct 25, 2022
Tourism In Qatar Is Expected To Boom After The FIFA World Cup 2022

The tourism industry in Qatar is on the brink of a renaissance thanks to the FIFA World Cup 2022...

Kelsey Marie Oct 19, 2022
Break-Up Vacation? TikToker Goes Viral With Her Break-Up Getaway

A ‘couples’ vacation like you’ve never seen it. This TikToker shared her break-up getaway and it...

Amara Amaryah Oct 4, 2022
These Black Men Are Leading The Travel Influencer Game On Social Media

There has been quite a rise in black women travel influencers across social media in recent years...

Leah Freeman-Haskin Oct 7, 2019