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Film Locations

Women in Film: Locations from Iconic  Female-Directed Movies

Over the years, Black female filmmakers have painted a vision of cinema settings revealing...

Faith Katunga Mar 19, 2024
Where ‘MASH’ Was Actually Filmed and How To Visit

“MASH” is an American drama show that premiered in 1972, starring Alan Alda, Wayne Rogers and an...

Sarah Rand Jan 2, 2024
Where Was 'Game Of Thrones' Filmed?

“Games of Thrones” is an HBO series based on the work of George R.R. Martin. It spans eight...

Dr. Diana Rangaves Aug 22, 2023
Where Was 'Harry Potter' Filmed?

It’s hard to name another literary series that has had a significant impact on modern popular...

Dr. Diana Rangaves Aug 10, 2023
Where Was 'Wednesday' Filmed?

When Tim Burton’s deliciously sinister thriller “Wednesday” debuted on Netflix last year, it took...

Dr. Diana Rangaves Jul 28, 2023