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Celebrating Black History Month In Florence, Italy

As February rolls around, the world sets its sights on honoring the rich tapestry of Black...

Faith Katunga Feb 12, 2024
Why I Enjoy Staying In Tuscany's Farmhouses

The mere mention of this region in Italy brings to mind images of rolling hills,...

Faith Katunga Jan 10, 2024
How To Make The Most Of Your Trip To Bologna, Italy

Bologna isn’t always the first place people think of when they visit Italy; after all, most...

Faith Katunga Jan 2, 2024
I Had Some of the Best Eritrean Cuisine of My Life in Italy — Here’s Where I Went &amp; What I Ate

Imagine yourself lost in thought as you meander around the picturesque alleys of a centuries-old...

Faith Katunga Dec 14, 2023
6 Paradise Islands You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

In a world where travel often revolves around popular destinations, there lies a secret world of...

Brunno Braga Nov 6, 2023
This City In Italy Will Cover Your Travel Expenses

As if the major cities in Italy such as Rome, Venice, and Milan aren’t enough, you must travel to...

Rafael Peña Oct 10, 2022