One Day In Lompoc: 6 Things To See And Do
Photo Credit: Muzammil Soorma

Photo Credit: Muzammil Soorma

One Day In Lompoc: 6 Things To See And Do

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Brittni Williams
Brittni Williams Jun 14, 2022

Lompoc is a quiet city in California that’s home to some of the state’s best wineries. Located in the California Central Coast hills, Lompoc features beautiful beaches, winding hiking trails, and lush green parks. It’s the perfect place to have a relaxing getaway.

When it comes to vacations, they can often be more stressful than expected. From planning an itinerary to arguments over where to eat, some vacations will make you wish you stayed at home. For this reason, many tourists from all over visit Lompoc for its laidback beach vibes and natural landscapes.

Things to see and do in Lompoc

The city, influenced by its Native American roots, has a rich history and culture. River Park is a popular destination where guests can plan a barbecue or picnic to celebrate family reunions and other special events. The park is also home to many recreational activities, including fishing, camping, volleyball, and horseshoe pits. And children love the Lompoc Aquatic Center, a huge indoor swimming pool with two water slides and a wet playground.


Of course, you can’t visit Lompoc without stopping by a winery (or two). For a taste of some of the finest pinot noirs and pinot gris, visit Melville Winery. You can also learn the basics of winemaking at their popular tour and tasting. And Sanford Winery & Vineyards allows guests to sit down for a picnic inside their exclusive grape vineyards.

It is a little-known gem that many visit to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. While there are many things to do in the quiet town, it’s small enough that you can see the city in a short amount of time. If you’re traveling with limited time, Lompoc is the perfect place to spend a day trip. Here are six things to see and do when spending one day in Lompoc.

1. Lompoc Museum


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To learn more about the town, you can visit the Lompoc Museum, formerly the famous Carnegie Library building. The museum features a number of historical pieces that explain the city’s origins. From works of art to traveling exhibits, the museum is the best way to familiarize yourself with the city.

Tourists can learn about the Chumash people and the impact and influence that they had on the city both past and present day. Visitors can also get an up-close-and-personal glimpse into what life was like as an American pioneer in the exhibit dedicated to the pioneer history of Lompoc Valley.

2. Beattie Park


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Constructed in 1973, Beattie Park is a 50-acre park with several hiking trails, flower fields, and an urban forest preserve. The community park is the best place to sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature or get a spectacular view of the Lompoc Valley and the Pacific Ocean.

Set up lunch in the park or play a game of basketball at one of its two lighted basketball courts. And located at the highest point in the park is Lookout Point, an intimate gazebo where couples love to visit.

Recognition Grove is a dedicated space within the urban forest preserve that pays homage to the local Lompoc leaders who’ve made a positive impact on the city. Visitors can find a collection of trees, each representing a leader who contributed to the community in a significant way.

3. Lompoc Wine Ghetto

Lompoc is also a popular tourist destination because of its many local wineries. The Lompoc Wine Ghetto is a famous attraction that produces many of the small-batch wines that you can find throughout the city. It’s comprised of a group of wineries, tasting rooms, and production facilities that visitors can explore.

Part of the Lompoc Wine Ghetto is Montemar Wines, a winery that specializes in Pinots and Chardonnays. The winery offers its patio to visitors, where they can play classic games like Jenga or darts. And on select weekends and special events, Montemar Wines hosts live music for guests to vibe to as they sip some artisan wines.

4. Jalama Beach County Park

Visitors love Jalama Beach County Park for its crystal clear waters and warm, golden sand. Combined with the mild climate California is known for, the park is the perfect place for a day in the sun. The land near the beach was originally called “Halama” as part of the Chumash Indian settlement. Now, locals and non-locals can explore the historic beach to partake in its many recreational activities, including surfing, whale-watching, birdwatching, and fishing.

The park offers an area for visitors to take hot showers after a full day at the beach. And the onsite general store carries several foods, beverages, and other miscellaneous items for those who want to have a picnic. If you plan on camping at the park, you can bring your own tent or reserve a cabin with a full bathroom and mini kitchen.

5. Old Town Lompoc

Old Town Lompoc is another great site for tourists to get a taste of Lompoc’s fantastic history and culture. The site offers many things to see and do there, including art galleries, museums, shops, restaurants, and bars. You can try the fresh, baked bread from Flower Valley Country Store or learn local history at the Lompoc Museum.

Old Town Lompoc is also known for the intricately painted murals that tourists can find displayed on surfaces throughout the area. Don’t forget to take a picture of the popular mural “Chumash Indians” that pays homage to the tribe recognized as the first settlers of Lompoc.

And on Friday afternoons, tourists can visit the Lompoc Certified Farmers Market to find a wide selection of fresh, organic produce, natural nut butters, and homemade treats to choose from.

6. La Purisima Mission State Historic Park

The La Purisima Mission State Historic Park is home to one of California’s many Spanish missions, La Purisima Mission. The park offers a guided tour for visitors who want to learn more about its history, which dates as far back as 1787.

Decorated with lush trees and gardens, the site is also a good choice for couples who want to wed in its natural, intimate setting.

Animal lovers will enjoy seeing the animal corrals filled with wild horses, cattle, sheep, goats, and more. Beside it is the Main Church, a large historic site with beautiful tile flooring and art that covers its walls and altar. And La Sala or Padre’s Living Room is a warm and inviting room within the mission, complete with a wood-burning fireplace and redwood floors.

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