Spending weekends at the beach is one of our favorite summer activities. But, what if you could enjoy seaside breezes and sunset views year-round? 

Contrary to popular belief, beach houses can be affordable. Whether you’re looking for a primary place of residence, investment property, or vacation home, the U.S. has great beach towns. 

George Ratiu, manager of economic research at Realtor.com says, “The U.S. has over 95,000 miles of shorelines. But most people, when they think of beach towns, they focus on a few dozen destinations. However, there are a lot of hidden gems, which offer all the benefits of seaside living at a much lower price.”


Realtor.com’s data team analyzed the median home list prices of over 1,3000 coastal towns from May 2021 through April 2022. They also took into consideration towns with great restaurants, entertainment, art, and more. 

They compiled a list of the most affordable beach towns in the U.S., ensuring every town on the list is actually located on the water. 

All of the towns listed have at least 5 restaurants or lodgings per 1,000 households as well as one arts, entertainment, or recreation venue. Realtor.com gathered information using the U.S. Census Bureau data.

Here are the most affordable beach towns in 2022:

1. Atlantic City, NJ

Median list price: $161,754

2. Deerfield Beach, FL

Median list price: $230,071

3. New London, CT

Median list price: $242,392

4. Mastic Beach, NY

Median list price: $334,907

5. Myrtle Beach, SC

Median list price: $347,875

6. Seal Beach, CA

Median list price: $400,338

7. Rockport, TX

Median list price: $435,112

8. Lynn, MA

Median list price: $449,626

9. Morehead City, NC

Median list price: $464,842