With so many options to party in the U.S., which cities stand out as the best for an unforgettable night out?

Bonus Finder recently analyzed the population of the top U.S. party cities, ranking them according to several criteria to help you decide where to enjoy your next night on the town.

Most partygoers believe that major cities are where all the action is. The analysis of 101 U.S. locations across 11 metrics, including the availability of bars and casinos as well as the nightly cost of a hotel room, shows that this is not always the case.

Since there are as many different ways to party as there are people who like to do it, the study includes a wide range of cities to ensure that everyone has a good time. 

Top party towns include several in Florida and a few in New Jersey, both of which are known for their lively nightlife.

Here are the top 5 party cities in the U.S. for a guaranteed great nightlife experience.

Miami Beach, Florida – Rated: 10/10

Miami Beach during the day - named one of the best party cities in the U.S.
Photo Credit: Joël de Vriend

With its golden sand, blue oceans, and nonstop party scene, Miami Beach is the perfect vacation spot. South Beach, a Florida island connected to Miami by bridges, is a top nightlife destination.

Miami Beach gets a perfect 10 for its many music festivals and accommodations. The average drink cost here ($5) is low compared to other U.S. nightlife destinations.

The entertainment of Miami Beach’s neon-lit Art Deco District and oceanfront clubs will have you partying well into the night.

Atlantic City, New Jersey – Rated: 9.4/10

Atlantic city,new jersey,usa. 09-04-17: Atlantic City Boardwalk at sunset.
Photo Credit: Getty Images

This seaside resort city is known as Mini-Vegas or America’s Playground for its bustling casinos and world-famous Boardwalk. Despite its popularity, city hotel rates average $116 per night.

The best part of this city is there’s no such thing as last call at the bar, so the party can last as long as you do.

Summer vacationers love the city’s beaches. Another popular, go-to place is Harrah’s Pool After Dark. The 18-thousand-gallon pool is surrounded by tropical plants in a multi-story club with top entertainment every weekend.

Hoboken, New Jersey – Rated: 9.3/10

Hoboken New Jersey - Best Party Cities in the U.S.
Photo Credit: Jimmy Woo

Hoboken has the most bars, nightclubs, and late-night food for a city, given its modest population of 58,000. Hoboken is a short drive to New York City, but hotel and alcohol prices are lower than in New York and other parts of New Jersey.

Hoboken’s waterfront views of New York City are among the best being just across the Hudson River from Manhattan. Give Hoboken a consideration when you want a more budget-friendly tri-state party experience.

Sarasota, Florida – Rated: 8.5/10

Sarasota Florida skyline at dusk
Photo Credit: Jack Elka Photo

Sarasota has plenty to do until dawn, even though clubbing isn’t as wild as in South Beach. If you like the arts, modern cuisine, rooftop pubs, and sunshine, visit Sarasota.

Sarasota has the lowest half-liter domestic beer price in Florida at $4.01. Sarasota also has 45 strip clubs — one for every 1,216 residents — and scores a perfect 10 for adult entertainment.

Miami, Florida – Rated: 8.3/10

Miami Florida skyline at night
Photo Credit: Hector Falcon

Mainland Miami, across Biscayne Bay from Miami Beach, ranks fifth on the list. The city hosts over a thousand music events every weekend and night owls love the Downtown Entertainment District’s 24-hour clubs.

Other notable cities rounding out the top 10 include Las Vegas, Baton Rouge, Jersey City, Key West, and Reno. Go-to party cities New Orleans (#11) and Atlanta (#20) also hold their place near the top of the list.

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