Most cities can boast having great bars and nightclubs, but to take the title as one of the best party cities in the world, they have to bring something a little more unique. These cities are not only fun, but they offer diverse entertainment for all types of partiers.

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Barcelona, Spain

It’s common for most families across Spain to sit down for dinner around 9 or 10pm, which makes sense when the night scene doesn’t truly get going until the early hours of the morning. Barcelona’s nightlife is best known for its longevity. With a diverse scene of options from music festivals, to outdoor clubs and bars, locals take partying very seriously.

Barcelona, Spain | Eloi_Omella | Getty Images

Berlin, Germany

Berlin has a world-famous club scene. The Kreuzberg area is where to start your night, with a great mix of cultural influences and endless types of restaurants and bars. If you are not afraid of rejection at the door, head to Berghain, a spot that is famous for its nightlife as well as its strict door policy.

Cape Town, South Africa

This seaside town that boasts a laidback atmosphere during the day, comes alive at night. With comfortable temperatures all year and stunning scenery, many of the clubs and bars are outdoors. Popular festivals include Afrika Burn (South Africa’s answer to Burning Man) and Rocking the Daisies.

Cape Town, South Africa | Rob Kroenert | Getty Images

New York City, NY

It’s not a party list without the “city that never sleeps”. New York offers a diversity of entertainment that is tough to beat. From Broadway, to underground clubs, and local bars, just about every corner of the city comes alive at night. You can find every type of music and scene within the five boroughs.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is one city where the parties usually start and end earlier. Why? Because you need to spend the mornings and afternoons on the beach, of course. But the early schedules don’t take away from its thrilling nightlife. Brazilians love dancing, music, drinking, and having fun, which permeates through the entire city.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Antonello | Getty Images