The Travel Noire Awards are back! This year has been incredible for Black and multicultural travelers in this post-pandemic world. People have traveled back to some classic destinations and explored new hidden gems around the world. Picturesque island vacations, unique hotels, luxe stays and adventurous excursions were also our go-tos this year.

Travel Noire Awards Overview, 2023
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The Travel Noire Awards Process

The 2023 Travel Noire Awards, presented by Walmart, recognizes and celebrates remarkable Black people, places and experiences in 16 travel categories. The Travel Noire team of experienced editors and social media specialists used a combination of data and human vetting to tap into the community, observe users’ interests and hand pick the list of nominees.

We reviewed hundreds of your likes, shares and posts on social media and honed in on the website articles you visited most. Then, we scoured through hotel reviews and reader feedback, weeding out the worst to bring you the best. 

The goal of these awards is to not only highlight the most popular people and places that Travel Noire readers have engaged with, but also bring underrepresented demographics and people-on-the-rise to light through the process. Here at Travel Noire, we know that Black folks travel with enthusiasm around the world. The excitement of showcasing these experiences and giving readers the power to nominate their favorites is what the Travel Noire Awards are all about.

When and How to Vote for the Finalists

Now that the nominees have been selected, we are counting on our trusted Travel Noire family to vote for the finalists and choose the winners. Voting begins July 11 and winners are announced August 16. Be sure to visit the voting poll link on the Travel Noire website and social media platforms. 

Check out the complete list of categories honoring Black travel this year.

Travel Noire Awards 2023 Overview
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A Snapshot of the Travel Noire Awards Categories


The places category takes you on a journey around the globe from your favorite stateside travel destinations to the best international vacation spots.

Here are the categories and nominees:


Whether you’re into luxe stays or prefer to explore the uniqueness of the world abound, there’s something for everyone here.

Categories and nominees include:


The People category highlights Black and Brown people who are making waves in the travel world this year. You will see well-known names of your favorite travel influencers on social media, as well as rising stars in the industry.

Categories and nominees include:


The experiences category will take you on the adventurous side of travel where memories are made. We’ll dive into the best cruise experiences with family and friends and look at our favorite celebrity restaurants. We’ll also give props to business owners and tour operators who keep us informed, educated and entertained on our trips. 

Categories and nominees include:

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