Dubai is a city that thrives off the impossible. In addition to the endless rich culture that awaits you, so do attractions that defy both physics and the human imagination. Throw in theme parks and endless sources of entertainment, and you could spend an entire year in Dubai and still find things to do. With this in mind, consider some of the below often-missed opportunities.

Visit the Dubai Opera

The Dubai Opera is as much a beautiful sight to behold as it is a place to have fun and create long-lasting memories. By far the most modern and futuristic-looking of all opera houses, it looks like something from a science fiction film. A gorgeous array of LEDs and lasers make it glow, attracting visitors from near and far.

With a genius hydraulic design, the opera transforms into a theater, flat floor, and concert hall simply by pushing a button. This means you can always catch something fascinating in Dubai at the opera house. Plus, some of the most sophisticated acoustics utilizing reflectors and towers designed by brilliant engineers bring you unbelievable sound.

Definitely check what will be available for entertainment at the Dubai Opera during your visit. It’s not only an event but an experience to entertain all of your senses.

Take a Trip to the Dubai Miracle Garden

Experiencing a colorful garden in the middle of Dubai may indeed seem like a miracle, but Dubai Miracle Garden is certainly real. With an astonishing fifty-plus million flowers, this garden is a true feast for the eyes. Walk through gigantic, flora-composed swans, ants, and other creations. You don’t need to be a nature lover to appreciate the true artistry on display.

Probably the grandest thing on display is the life-sized Airbus A380, a massive flower-composed plane. While there are many things to see in Dubai that are nigh-psychedelic in nature, this one is (mostly) natural.

Let Go of Your Inhibitions at Dubai Marina

An artificial marina which is a model of False Creek in Vancouver, British Columbia, Dubai Marina is an epic sight. You’ll have a perfect panorama of Dubai’s many buildings, like the Cayan Tower and Sulafa Tower. There are countless great walkways with clothing markets and cafes.

But the real attraction here is the ability to seek some thrills. There are jet skis, luxury yachts, and countless water-oriented sports and rentals available. The latest thrill, however, is hydro flying. You can rent a jetpack or jet boots, and get launched up high into the air by water. While this won’t be for everyone, one thing is for certain—for now, it’s only available in Dubai.

Once you’ve had enough of all of the excitement Dubai Marina has to offer, relax with a dinner cruise. The dinner cruises at Dubai Marina are known to be some of the best, and the view you’ll enjoy while dining would be unparalleled, if not for the fact incredible views seem to be everywhere in Dubai.