Adventure in Black is bringing the energy of summer into the new season. This fall, The AIB Experience will be bringing DC to Jamaica with its Black AF weekend

From October 27th to October 30th, Black AF Weekend will bring the DMV’s best to Montego Bay for an unforgettable party experience. 

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Meet Adventure in Black

This Black woman-owned travel and event company’s goal is to uplift Black travelers. Their mission is to “create and enhance the travel experience by coordinating fun and educational activities” on all of their trips. 

Adventure in Black
Courtesy of Adventure in Black

Adventure in Black wants travelers, novice or seasoned, to enjoy travel experiences while staying unapologetically Black. 

Black AF Weekend 2022

This weekend is guaranteed to be filled with great vibes, beautiful people, and a lot of fun in Montego Bay. 

Attendees can expect activities like Brunch Olympics, Reggae Bash, “After Dark” Adult Rave, “Trick or Treat” Halloween Party, “Drive Da Boat” Booze Cruise and more. 

AIB’s founder Courtney Simone tells Travel Noire, “Adventure in Black is a vibe, it’s a movement. We’re creating a new generation of travelers who aren’t afraid to try something different. We’re creating spaces where WE are free to be ourselves and travel is simply the vehicle that helps bring out that individuality.”

Simone goes on to say, “The unique energy that our travelers bring to our Travel Experiences, Luxury Get-a-ways and Premiere Events is unmatched and I’m so excited to witness the new memories we’ll create in 2023 and beyond.”

Registration to attend Black AF weekend ends on September 15th, so be sure to get your tickets ASAP. Payment plans are available through Uplift. 

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