Most of us take Uber so we can safely make it to our homes and our loved ones. However, for this one passenger, the trouble started after she got home. As she and her boyfriend fell asleep the Uber driver that dropped them off, broke into their home.

Uber Driver Breaks Into TikToker Home

Tiktok user @GiGiRao shares footage of a man on her Ring camera breaking into her house. The video has been viewed over 350,000 times. In the video she explains how her Uber driver broke into their apartment around 1:40 a.m.


Replying to @yezimconnor POSTING THIS FOR AWARENESS! Stay safe out there 🫡🫣 #uber #boston #breakin

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Eventually the clip got enough comments that she posted a second one giving the play by play for the evening.

Once she viewed the clip from the Ring cam she was surprised to see the driver go in and out of the apartment and didn’t even take anything.

How It All Happened


#stitch with @gigirao PT 2 FULL STORY OF UBER DRIVER BREAKING IN MY APARTMENT‼️‼️ hopefully this clears some things up

♬ Somebody’s Watching Me – Single Version – Rockwell

“I walked out of my room and saw that my living room screen window was cut open. And then there was like, some dirt like on the chair and stuff,” the TikToker said. “So he obviously cut it open and crawled through. And I don’t know how long he was in the apartment for but after I discovered all this I did call the police.”

She also expressed how she was not sure how he knew what apartment they were in. Possibly waited for the lights to come on while he was parked outside.

“How is this not viral,” one user wrote. “I know it’s not financially doable for everyone but if you can break your lease, do, & move somewhere he doesn’t where you are.”

The TikToker has contacted Uber and the authorities. She stated she still hasn’t heard anything from Uber but she did file a report with the police.