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Uber Launches Solo Teen Travel Option In Atlanta: What Parents Need To Know

Uber is expanding to accommodate busy families by offering a new option for teenagers to ride...

Rafael Peña May 24, 2023
Atheists Groups Want RideShare Apps To Ban Preaching

Rideshare companies Uber and Lyft are under fire from atheist groups. They believe drivers should...

Rafael Peña Dec 6, 2022
Uber Gets Rid Of Its Free Loyalty Program And Charges For Uber One

Uber’s Rewards Loyalty Program is coming to an end. The ride-sharing app will focus its efforts...

Kelsey Marie Aug 25, 2022
Uber Shows Support To The Black Community By Offering Free Delivery &amp; Discounted Trips To Black-Owned Businesses

In the last week, there have been protests, demonstrations & riots in the name of getting justice...

Shenae Curry Jun 5, 2020
Weather, Special Events And Your Phone's Battery Life: How Uber Price Matching Works

Have you ever noticed that your Uber to a spot you frequent seems a bit pricier than usual at...

Shenae Curry Sep 20, 2019