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Spirit Airlines Shareholders Approve JetBlue's $3.8 Billion Offer

JetBlue is one step closer to acquiring Spirit Airlines for $3.8 billion. On Wednesday, Spirit...

Rafael Peña Oct 25, 2022
Too Tall To Fly? Here's How US-Based Airlines Deal With Passengers That Need More Leg Room

You are taller than most, with a love for traveling. You like to visit other cities and...

Brunno Braga Mar 25, 2022
FAA Hits Unruly, Unmasked JetBlue Passenger With $14,500 Fine

A passenger who became unruly on a JetBlue flight has been hit with a hefty $14,500 civil penalty...

Ayah A. Mar 23, 2021
'Excuse Me I'm Part West African': White Passenger Banned From JetBlue After Racist Rant

A white male passenger has been banned from JetBlue following a racist rant onboard. Videos...

Mitti Hicks Oct 26, 2020
Start The Year With These Flight Sales From Southwest And JetBlue

A New Year means the perfect time to save a little money but also the perfect time to escape the...

DeAnna Taylor Jan 7, 2020
JetBlue Will Now Have Direct Flights To The Caribbean's Best-Kept Secret

JetBlue Airlines will now be flying to an under-the-radar Caribbean destination — Guadeloupe....

Kelsey Marie Jul 2, 2019