Short On Time? How To Spend One Day In Stockholm
Photo Credit: Ana Borquez/UnSplash

Photo Credit: Ana Borquez/UnSplash

Short On Time? How To Spend One Day In Stockholm

Brittni Williams
Brittni Williams Jun 29, 2022

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and the largest city in the country. Because of this, tourists from around the world travel to the city to experience its rich history and culture. The city is known for its famous landmarks and museums, notably the Stockholm City Hall and Abba Museum. But there’s much more to explore in Stockholm, which is why the area sees millions of tourists yearly.

Things to see and do in Stockholm

Stockholm is home to many royal and historical buildings that are the perfect backdrop for taking pictures. One of the top things to do in the capital city is to visit the Royal Apartments. These elaborate staterooms are a feature attraction at the Royal Palace for their posh interiors.

For a peek into Swedish history, the Nordic Museum houses several galleries and exhibits that detail Nordic history and culture over the last 12,000 years!


The food in Stockholm is another popular reason for tourist travel. Meatballs for the People is a local restaurant selling hot, authentic Swedish meatballs. Or try Punk Royale for a unique dining experience, where you start your meal with a shot of vodka and a scoop of fresh caviar.

With so many things to explore in the Swedish capital, covering it all can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re traveling with limited time. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to do just that and more. From free walking tours to affordable and accessible public transport, experiencing the city is easier than ever before. Here are six places you have to see with one day in Stockholm:

1. Gamla Stan

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Gamla Stan is an island in old town Stockholm where tourists can explore its many shops and eateries. The city was established in the 13th century, making it a great place to learn about Stockholm’s history.

Visitors can make their way down the cobblestone streets to Stortorget, the main square that features a number of tourist attractions. Within walking distance is the famous Royal Chapel, a church inside the Royal Palace. And the Nobel Prize museum is a popular site to learn about the Nobel Prize laureates and the impact of their achievements.

For a taste of history, Den Gyldene Freden is a restaurant in old town Stockholm that serves authentic Swedish meals at an affordable price.

2. The Royal Palace

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Not far from Gamla Stan is the Royal Palace, one of the largest palaces in Europe. The palace is the official residence of His Majesty The King of Sweden and has been home to a number of royals since its construction.

With over 600 rooms, the palace is a popular site for tourists to explore. Its 18th-century Italian baroque-style architecture makes for great pictures, while its elaborate interiors are the truest definition of luxury.

The palace is open to the public and boasts five museums. This includes the Armory with its collection of royal armors and costumes and the Royal Stable, which houses several decorative coaches and coronation carriages.

3. Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum is a historical maritime museum that houses the 17th-century battleship, Vasa. The well-preserved vessel is the only one from the 17th-century still nearly fully intact. Because of this, the museum is one of the top attractions in Stockholm.

You can learn a lot about Vasa at the museum, including its construction, maiden voyage, wartime battles, and untimely demise. The site offers visitors a glimpse inside life on board the great ship. It also details the search and rescue process, including historical artifacts and photographs that were retrieved at that time.

And the museum shop is the perfect place to find various souvenirs and other items to take home.

4. Christmas Markets

The Skansen Christmas market is a yearly event at Skansen, an open-air museum in old Stockholm. Vendor booths and stalls are decked out at the market in Christmas lights and decorations. The annual event is a favorite pastime for locals and tourists alike.

At Bollnäs square, Swedish performers promote holiday cheer with festive performances that even feature animals. There, you can listen to a traditional Christmas story as you sip some hot mulled wine from a nearby vendor. In addition, families with children will enjoy the many recreational activities available at the Christmas market, some of which include arts and crafts and a small zoo.

And you can’t celebrate Christmas without gifts! Purchase a little something for your loved ones while supporting the local vendors to add to the holiday cheer.

5. Drottningholm Palace

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Drottningholm Palace is a Swedish castle recognized for its traditional European architectural design. Built in the 1600s, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is a symbol of Stockholm’s rich history.

There are many attractions at the castle, including the palace reception halls, where visitors can see elaborately decorated halls inspired by the changes in culture and fashion throughout history. The palace park is famous for its lush landscape decorated with blue ponds and chestnut trees.

Visitors can also explore the Chinese Pavilion, a historical site decorated with Chinese dragon heads. Its exquisite interior features antique furniture and decor embellished with exotic silks and porcelains. The pavilion was a birthday gift to Queen Lovisa Ulrika and is celebrated by tourists worldwide.

6. Stockholm Archipelago

Take a boat tour along the Baltic Sea at the Stockholm Archipelago, a natural, aquatic wonderland. The archipelago is a hotspot for tourists because it offers something for everyone to enjoy. From golfing to cycling to kayaking, the site is the perfect place to try a new water activity.

Nature lovers will love the nature reserves at the archipelago. Complete with several preserved plant species, the reserves are a great place to become one with nature.

Many tourists also enjoy horseback riding at the archipelago. You can ride a horse on a guided tour of the islands or even peruse the beaches on horseback.

Have a Swedish Fika or coffee break in one of the many cafes around the archipelago. The homemade ice creams at Bondens Glasskalas are a great way to cool down after a long day trip at the beach.

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