An estimated 63 percent of Americans drink coffee every day. That’s according to research from the National Coffee Association.

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, chances are you know good coffee. If you don’t consider yourself a coffee connoisseur, that’s where resources like Yelp come in.

The online crowd-sourcing company recently partnered with Buzzfeed to reveal the best coffee in each state.

Included in the list is what Yelp reviewers had to say:


Seeds Coffee In Birmingham  

In addition to good coffee,  customers love “the reasonable price points” at Seeds Coffee, one Yelp user stated.


The Crepery in Fairbanks

“Travelling to Alaska for the first time, we found the reviews to hold true – this is truly an amazing place if you like crepes.” Luke M. from Melbourne Australia said.


Enroute Coffee and Tea House  

What makes Enroute Coffee and Tea House so special?  “This place has the best cold brew (you can adjust the sweetness,) scones and cookies I’ve ever tasted.”


Onyx Coffee Lab in Springdale

When it comes to Onyx Coffee Lab,  most Yelp users agree:  “All the Onyx Labs in NWA are a great atmosphere for meeting with friends or knocking out work too.”


Madleno Coffee Shop & Roastery in Danville  

“They also make their own beans that are amazing and give you a discount on your drink when you order!”


QuinceEssential Coffee House

“Cute neighborhood coffee shop! Friendly staff, lots of fun spaces to work, have meetings, or read, and good drinks.” 


Café Aroma in Norwalk

“Awesome coffee and desserts place, their Tiramisu, Greek desserts, and truffles are awesome.”

Photo courtesy of Yelp


Drifting Grounds in Bethany Beach  

“Nice welcoming cafe style seating with comfy couches and even some puzzles and games to keep you occupied.”


Calusa Coffee Roasters in Fort Lauderdale  

”Great find, great little place with super helpful owner.”


Golden Drops Café in Decatur  

“What a gem! We were searching for a place to get tea or coffee in between activities. It, by far, exceeded our expectations.”


Rainbeau Jo’s in Lihue

”Absolutely delicious food! I now dream of having the Farmer’s J’s breakfast sanni delivered to me every two hours.”


Evans Brothers Coffee in Sandpoint, Idaho

“There isn’t any other coffee shop that I have found personally that is better than the Evans Bros experience!” 


Pilot Pete’s Coffee & Treats in Elmhurst

“Awesome coffee in an unexpected place (Elmhurst Metro Station) and delicious homemade muffins with a smile! and SPEEDY”

Photo courtesy Pilot Pete’s Coffee & Treats


Coat Check Coffee in Indianapolis

“Neal’s team brings an approachable warmth and wealth of coffee knowledge to this new space in the Athenaeum.”


392 Caffe in Clinton

“Absolutely friendly local coffee shop!”


Hi Hat Coffee in Westwood Hills

“This little coffee shop embodies everything you could expect from “Your little neighborhood coffee shop.”


Carabello Coffee in Newport

“Carabello is my favorite coffee shop near the Cincinnati area, and Cincinnati has some really great coffee shops.”


Drip Affogato Bar in New Orleans  

“I ordered their Cookie Monster with their espresso drip and was so pleased with how delicious it was.”


Coffee ME Up in Portland

“And his great customer service and the secret spread made the visit to Coffee ME Up 5 stars.” 


Black Lion Café in Rockville

“I absolutely love the Black Lion blend, a complex, moderately dark roast that’s bursting with flavor.”

Instagram | @blacklion_cafe


Recreo Coffee & Roasterie in West Roxbury

“I love their coffee – their cold brew and lattes are both delicious and a huge step above Starbucks.


Qahwah House in Dearborn

“My Yemeni Latte was creamy, slightly spicy, and had a full and robust burst of coffee flavor that was not bitter.”


Cedar Coffee Company in Two Harbors

“I live in Houston but I still dream of this coffee that I enjoyed on a recent vacation up to the north shore.”


Deep South Pops in Jackson

“I love popsicles I barely like coffee but dipping a popsicle in coffee was the perfect way to get me to drink coffee.”


Comet Coffee & Microbakery in St. Louis

“Super knowledgeable but unpretentious baristas + Local baked goodies + Best croissant selection in St. Louis.”


Ebon Coffee Collective in Billings

“The coffee was delicious, the people were super friendly & the mason jar to-go cups really topped it all off.”


Howlin’ Hounds Coffee in Omaha

“Wanting to check out a good, local coffee shop Howling Hounds certainly seemed like the right choice.”

Photo courtesy of Howlin’ Hounds


Desert Wind Coffee Roasters in Las Vegas

“As if the coffee was not enough, every interaction my wife and I have had with Joe and Pam has been pleasant.”

New Hampshire

Wayfarer Coffee Roasters in Laconia

“The maple latte was fantastic and you absolutely cannot miss the maple bacon waffle which promises to knock you off your feet.”

New Jersey

Koffeewagon Roasters in Hasbrouck Heights

“Love this place! I stop by in the mornings on my way to work and grab a cup of freshly ground pour-over coffee.”

New Mexico

Espresso Fino in Albuquerque

“Love the humor and ease of this little coffee place hidden between the gold street cafe and a little French place.”

New York

Georgio’s Coffee Roasters

“The service was excellent, the owner recommended me a great cup of cold brew which I thoroughly enjoyed.”

North Carolina

The Morning Jump Coffee Company

“Spending time in Fayetteville, I wanted an option that was not Starbucks, and I found this gem in Spring Lake.”

North Dakota

Twenty Below Coffee in Fargo

“They roast their own beans in-store and your order starts with a custom grind of beans to make your order.”


Artisan Coffee in Akron

“I had a lavender latte (which are hard to come by and a big favorite of mine) and a chocolate chip walnut cookie.”

Instagram | @artisancoffeeshop


Café Kacao in Oklahoma City

“The s’mores latte was freaking delicious. I kept licking the rim clean and wanted more by the time I was done.”


Tōv in Portland

“It was a first for us trying the Egyptian coffee with a Turkish delight, and it was a pleasant experience.”


Redhawk Coffee in Pittsburgh

“This place is definitely going to be one of the things I’ll miss most once I graduate from Pitt this year!”

Rhode Island

Knead Doughnuts in Providence

“After having tried Knead donuts recently, I will never go to another donut shop in the state.

South Carolina

Java Burrito Company in Hilton Head

“I didn’t have room for a milkshake, but the espresso milkshake sounded delicious!”

South Dakota

The Green Bean Coffeehouse in Spearfish

“My absolute favorite coffee spot that I have ever been to! Love the hipster atmosphere, and staff is great! Coffee, muffins, and bagels are excellent!”


Maple Street Biscuit Company in Chattanooga“Starbucks has NOTHING on this coffee. Delicious!” 

Instagram | maplestreetbiscuitcompany


Texas Coffee Traders in Austin

“No, I’m not a coffee connoisseur, but I like coffee–a lot–and that was more than enough for RC.”


River Rock Roasting Company

“The back porch is an amazing spot to sit and look out over the Virginia River as it dives into a beautiful canyon.”


Penny Cluse Café in Burlington

“Great coffee, which I’m adamant about; so many spots have terrible coffee. Food was quick and the staff was attentive.” 


Brewer’s Café in Richmond

“Oh yeah…this place has the sauce. Great coffee and tea choices (that coffee with the bourbon in it…yeah!), and the food was pretty good considering it’s a small cafe. Great place for a meeting or quick catch up […] with the homies.”


J5 Coffee in Leavenworth

“Whether you are in the mood for a cappuccino, latte, cortado or just a pour-over, you will be delighted.”

Washington, DC

Sami’s Coffee Kiosk

“If I could give 10 stars I would. Every single drink is to die for! Especially the iced cappuccino. He makes them with love and the brightest smile. I would come here for his warm personality alone! A must-try if you’re in the DC area.”

Photo courtesy of Yelp

West Virginia

The Grind in Morgantown

“This is a great little coffee shop in downtown Morgantown! The place has a hipster feel but is a great place to bring a laptop and get some work done. My favorite is the maple latte with dark roast, it is not overly sweet with the maple syrup but a great way to start the morning.”


5th and Jefferson Coffee House

“I was not sure what I was expecting when I was about to walk into the coffee house. It looked like someone’s home, and it totally was when I walked in. It is so trendy and so home-like. I really liked the interior. There were many artworks of llamas.”


Perephone Bakery in Jackson

“My wife and I went there three times during our five day stay in the Jackson Hole / Teton Valley area.”