An allegedly drunk woman was arrested at Orlando International Airport, after causing a disturbance at the gate and fleeing from the police on a motorized suitcase, according to News 6 Orlando. The incident started when a gate attendant denied the boarding of the woman, claiming she was too intoxicated to be on the flight. Then, the would-be passenger, aged 32, got into a heated argument with the gate attendant.

A police officer came to get the situation under control. However, the woman cursed at the officer and fled on her motorized suitcase, which appeared to be a Modobag, also known as ‘scooter luggage.’ The suitcase, which has a 150-watt electric motor, GPRS-GSM tracking, and dual USB charging ports, was launched in 2016 and is priced at $1,495.

After seeing the woman escaping on her motorized suitcase, the officer jumped on a bicycle to pursue the woman, who was later apprehended and arrested after resisting a while longer. The chase lasted for several minutes, causing quite a spectacle that many other travelers found hilarious.

The woman was arrested behind the airport’s security checkpoint. Even after being apprehended, she did not stop yelling and behaving aggressively in the patrol vehicle, and allegedly spat on the officer more than once and defecated in the back seat, according to the Orlando Police Department.

As News 6 Orlando reported, the woman said she had had two drinks after learning that her flight home was delayed for a few hours. The officer, Andrew Mamone, noted that she was drunk and could barely stand. The woman, however, denied being too intoxicated to fly. She was released from Orange County jail on a $13,500 bond following the incident.

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