Getting Drunk, Taking Sleeping Pills, And Other Things We Should Stop Doing On Planes In 2020
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Getting Drunk, Taking Sleeping Pills, And Other Things We Should Stop Doing On Planes In 2020

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jan 3, 2020

What once started off as a luxury has now become normalized to the extent of sometimes being a bit, well, off-putting. We’re talking about air travel and scenarios like drunk passengers and animals running through aisles. Fortunately, new legislation will try to put an end to unruly passenger behavior by punishing those who do wrong and discouraging others from acting a fool. 

Here’s what we should have left in 2019 when traveling on airplanes:

Getting Drunk 

Drinking on flights is dehydrating for your skin anyway but if you must, have one or two drinks max. Getting drunk on flights is one of the largest contributors to air rage. There have been countless scenarios of travelers fighting, verbally abusing other passengers and getting arrested because they were drunk. 

“When people fly, they actually don’t drink enough liquids to balance their fluid losses and also counter the slightly dehydrating effects of alcohol,” says Paulo Alves, global director of aviation health at MedAire to CNN Travel

If flight attendants are worried about how much a passenger has had to drink, they can refuse to serve them additional drinks. 

Taking Off Your Shoes

We get comfort is essential while flying, but at least put some socks on if you have to take your shoes off

Remember back in July when a barefoot passenger was caught using his toes to operate the inflight entertainment screen?

Bringing Untrained Emotional Support Animal On The Flight

Emotional support animals are allowed to board airplanes — including pigs if they’re an ESA and flying domestically. 

The whole purpose of ESA’s is to give their owner comfort while flying — therefore, they don’t necessarily have to be trained. This means that some animals end up boarding the flight and they are untrained resulting in them running wild around the aircraft. 

Some people have even reported claiming their pets as ESA’s so they don’t have to pay extra fees of flying with a pet. 

According to CNN Travel, the US Department of Transportation said it was “aware of concerns that individuals may be fraudulently claiming their pets are service animals.” In October 2019, the department said they will be working on implementing rules to correct this problem. 

Taking Sleeping Pills

Popping a sleeping pill may seem like an easy solution when taking a long flight but it can lead to embarrassing moments — like sleepwalking. 

Instead of taking sleeping pills, it’s best to rely on sleeping masks and earplugs to do the trick. 

Faking A Job, Sickness, And Identity

Travelers have been attempting to fake their occupation and identity and even being sick in order to get upgraded while at the airport. While this may work for some, airlines are cracking down and will enforce punishment.

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