An man on board an American Airlines flight had too much to drink and vomited on two passengers. The plane was approaching Los Angeles from Dallas.

Travel writer JT Genter witnessed the incident and shared it online on October 8. He tweeted, “who would’ve guessed?! The way-too-drunk guy (who probably should have been denied boarding) puked all over @AmericanAir first class on final approach into LAX.”

Genter added, “this is an embarrassing performance by AA. Flight attendant passed off to the gate agent. Gate agent passed off to customer support. Customer support is passing off to a supervisor – with no telling how long that supervisor will take to arrive.”

Genter explained that the drunk man was rambling loudly to another passenger about his sex life. That was, to a point, just an annoyance until the puking started. The man sitting in the window seat and another passenger in front were in the line of fire.

“Flight attendants were saints in doing the most with an awful situation and the pilots pushed through to landing,” Genter said.
“The passenger waited around for anyone to help him. The customer service rep eventually gave him a phone number to call. No supervisor ever came. No one provided him any assistance getting a change of clothes out of his vomit-spewed clothing.”

The travel writer indicated that the passenger was flying “American Airlines for the first time in years.”

American Airlines responded with the expected, generic answer on Twitter: “we appreciate you letting us know about this.  We’ve shared your comments with our leadership team for review.”

In response to Genter’s tweet, Eric Pinckert shared his own experience with an intoxicated passenger.

“Grim. One flight I was seated in an exit row. As we were waiting to push back from the gate to depart the gentleman next to me started muttering, ‘it’s about time they landed this Mother F&$@er’. He promptly proceeded to regurgitate gallons of his pre-flight beverages.”

When flying, please be mindful of your alcohol consumption and how it might impact those around you.