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Flight Cancellations

Biden Proposes Compensation for Airline Passengers Amidst Flight Delays and Cancellations

US President Joe Biden made an important announcement on May 8th revealing plans to introduce new...

Brunno Braga May 10, 2023
Ongoing Stress Following Mass Flight Delays And Cancellations Over Christmas Period

The so- called “most wonderful time of the year,” was anything but for passengers flying over the...

Spencer Jones Dec 27, 2022
Delta And Amex Airline Lounges Are Now Introducing Time Limits To Prevent Fliers From Working Too Long

Airport lounges have long been the go-to places to kill time, in style, before a flight. With the...

Amara Amaryah Nov 18, 2022
Tunisair Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Greece Due To Drunk Passenger

A Tunisair flight traveling from Istanbul to Tunis on October 3 made an emergency landing due to...

Ayah A. Oct 20, 2022
Flight Evacuated After Bomb Threat In Argentina

A bomb threat led to the evacuation of an Aerolíneas Argentinas flight on September 15. According...

Ayah A. Sep 21, 2022