Traveling around France on a budget this summer has gained another level of excitement with the announcement of discounted train fares. French Minister for Transport, Clément Beaune, has initiated a campaign to make train travel more affordable, offering thousands of fixed-price train fares. This move is aimed at reducing transportation costs and encouraging more people to choose trains for their journeys.

The recently concluded sale included 200,000 tickets priced at €19 ($24.17) for all Intercités lines. However, the promotion is not over yet, as many eTER (regional express) train services in the coastal region of Hauts-de-France are currently available for just €1 ($1.27) until August 27.

As Euronews reports, the discounted tickets were first made available on July 7 and are now being offered again starting from July 25. They can be used on all days, including weekends and holidays. The Hauts-de-France region, encompassing cities like Amiens, Lille, and Calais, provides an opportunity for travelers to take advantage of these low-cost tickets. The number of €1 seats is limited, so prospective passengers are advised to act quickly by purchasing tickets either at ticket counters in Hauts-de-France train stations or via SNCF’s website.

Saving Money on Journeys Around France

To fund these reductions, the regional council state has stepped in to assist holidaymakers and locals in saving money on their journeys. Also, in Occitania, France, young people under 26 can avail of TER train tickets at the same reduced price from July 14 to August 15.

France has further plans to introduce a single pass for young people by the following summer, which will be valid for all public transportation, including Intercités trains, TER trains, and buses. Although Intercités trains transport around 12 million people annually, much less than TGV trains’ 23 million passengers, the government faces constraints in altering high-speed rail fares.

The initiative follows similar efforts in other European countries to make train travel more affordable. For instance, Spain offered discounted Interrail tickets to residents under 30 until September 15, and young people can also benefit from 90% reductions on state-run buses and short-to-medium distance trains. In Germany, Deutsche Bahn introduced €9.90 ($12.60) tickets for some short-distance routes until July 31, and earlier, they launched a popular €49 ($62.35) monthly train pass.