Do you have plans to travel to Europe this summer? Thrifty Traveler, a budget travel website, has put together a list of European destinations that offer the lowest airfare for flights from the United States. This is particularly useful since international airfare has gone up over 30% compared to last year, and Europe is expected to have a very busy summer for tourism. The destinations on this list offer round-trip airfare as low as $400 to $600. By flying to one of these destinations first, you can potentially save a lot of money since airfare for flights within Europe is usually inexpensive.


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Dublin stands out as one of the most affordable destinations to fly to from the United States, with many U.S. cities offering round-trip flights for just $400 to $600. Both Aer Lingus, the national airline of Ireland, and various U.S. airlines provide reasonably priced flights to this enchanting destination. After spending a few days exploring Ireland, you can then catch a budget airline to your final European destination, as most cities across Europe are just a few hours away from Dublin.


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Despite its reputation as the most expensive region in Europe, Scandinavia surprisingly offers some of the most affordable flights from the U.S., with round-trip fares ranging from $500 to $600. To find the best deals, check out flights to the capital cities of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland from various U.S. departure points. However, be aware that prices are usually higher during the peak summer season, with the cheapest flights available during late spring and early fall.


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When it comes to finding inexpensive flight options, Spain stands out as one of the top destinations in Europe. Its location on the Iberian Peninsula in Western Europe makes it more accessible from the United States than destinations further east, with plenty of affordable flight options available. Moreover, Spain is an ideal starting point for taking budget flights to other popular European destinations like France, Italy, and Greece. As a summer destination in itself, Spain is a fantastic choice with great deals available in late August and early September for as low as $400 to $500.


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Another Iberian Peninsula gem, Portugal, is famous for its reasonably priced flights from the U.S. via TAP Air Portugal, its national airline, as well as multiple U.S. airlines. With prices as low as $400 to $500 for a round-trip to Lisbon, Portugal, it is one of the most economical European destinations to visit. Much like Spain, Portugal is a perfect springboard for reaching other European locations, with various budget airlines to choose from. Moreover, this summer, Portugal makes an excellent holiday spot with its striking beaches, lively cities, and significantly lower prices compared to other Western European destinations.


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Last but not least, Iceland is a top European destination for snagging low-cost flights from the United States. You can score flights to Reykjavik for just $400 to $600 through Icelandair and other airlines. Icelandair offers great stopover deals, giving you the chance to spend a few days in Iceland before heading off to your final European destination. While fares tend to be higher during the peak summer season, the best deals can be found during the shoulder season of late spring and early fall.