Do you want to save money and optimize your travel experience? Look no further than the latest Air Travel Hacks Report from Expedia. Packed with valuable insights, this report offers data-backed tips to help you make the most of your time and budget on your next journey this summer. With timing playing a crucial role in airline hacking, strategic planning becomes the key, Expedia has revealed summer airfare hacks for travelers this year.

The report highlights the significance of price alerts and emphasizes the importance of planning wisely. During the months of March and April, average ticket prices reached their peak due to increased demand and relaxed travel restrictions. It’s essential to make smart booking decisions to secure the best deals. Expedia’s report is based on data from the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) and OAG’s global flight data platform, providing you with reliable insights to guide your travel choices.

Here’s what the report reveals: Booking your flights on a Sunday can lead to average savings of up to 15%. For domestic flights, booking at least a month in advance can save you 10% on average. However, if you prefer planning further ahead, be aware that domestic airfares booked more than 113 days in advance tend to be more expensive.

On the other hand, for international flights, booking at least six months ahead can help you save an average of 10%.

Choosing off-peak Travel Periods

But saving money is not the only benefit. Departing before 3 p.m. can reduce the likelihood of cancellations, ensuring a smoother travel experience. Additionally, choosing off-peak travel periods offers not only cost savings but also shorter flight delays. According to the report, as summer transitions into fall, delays tend to decrease even further, making autumn an appealing time for air travel. Airlines have also shown improvement in their services, as the total number of cancellations has dropped from over 7% earlier in the year to around 3% in August.

To make your travel planning even more convenient, Expedia suggests booking your flight, hotel, and rental car together. By bundling these components, you can secure the best deals and streamline your trip arrangements. Additionally, consider signing up for loyalty and frequent flyer programs to earn rewards points for every booking, and don’t forget to enter your mileage plan number at checkout to earn air miles.

So, if you’re looking to save money, plan strategically, and enhance your travel experience, start implementing these summer airfare tips today and make the most of your next trip.