As we enter the peak holiday season, what if we told you there’s still time to secure some decent flight deals this December? It’s not too late to end the year with a bomb vacation. 

These deals come at the right time, as there’s much to look forward to this December. 

For starters, hurricane season has officially ended as of November 30, so you can add the Caribbean back to your list if you’ve been putting it off until the end of the season. 

It’s also holiday time, which means it’s going to be festive in most destinations you visit, with locals bringing out their best. The best food, the best art and décor, and their best spirits because it’s a happy season for everyone. 

Here are some flight deals this December for less than $400 round-trip from Europe to South America. 

Nassau, Bahamas For As Low As $209 Round-Trip


Miami, NYC, Fort Lauderdale, Washington, D.C., Orlando, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Philly, and Houston are all departure cities that will get you to Nassau for less than $350 round-trip.


If you’re looking for the best deal this December, Atlanta is the winner, just in time for Christmas. Use Dec. 24 through Dec. 31 as your travel dates for a nonstop round-trip flight for $209. Purchase it quickly here. There are not too many deals left, according to Skyscanner.

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St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands For As Low As $220 Round-Trip

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Do you know what we love about St. Croix besides its beauty? No passport is needed!

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Those traveling from Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Houston, Philadelphia, or Orlando can travel for less than $300 round-trip this December.


The cheapest option leaves Fort Lauderdale on Spirit Airlines for $ round-trip. Even better? It’s a nonstop flight. Use Dec. 12 through Dec. 19 as your travel dates in Skyscanner, or click here to be directed to the link.


Paris, France For As Low As $307 Round-Trip

Photo courtesy of Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel

Okay, East Coasters … this deal is for you.

If you don’t mind the cold weather, consider visiting Paris this December.

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NYC, Washington, D.C., and for a little more, Atlanta are the best cities to fly from this December.


Boston is your go-to departure city if you’re looking for the best deal. A few options will get you to Paris from Boston for the low, but one of the best deals leaves on Dec. 6 and returns on Dec. 9 with Play Airlines for $307 round-trip.

There is a layover in Keflavik, Iceland, so you’re getting two cities for the price of one. Click here to book this flight.

Belize City, Belize For As Low As $320 Round-Trip

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For people on the West Coast, this flight deal is especially for you.

Leaving Ontario, California, Austin, Washington, D.C., Dallas, and San Diego for less than $400 round-trip, according to Skyscanner.


The cheapest option leaves Denver on Dec. 5 and returns on Dec. 9 with United Air New Zealand and United Airlines for $320 round-trip.   Book this deal here.

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Lima, Peru For As Low As $388 Round-Trip

Lima, Peru
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Have you checked out our guide for Black travelers in Lima, Peru? If not, you will not be disappointed. We want you to book the flight first but make sure you bookmark our guide because there are a few things you don’t want to forget, including making a reservation for the best Afro-Peruvian restaurant in the city.

Florida is the best state for travel deals to Peru this December, with flight deals for less than $350 round-trip.

The cheapest flight to Peru from Florida leaves Fort Lauderdale on Dec. 7 and returns on Dec. 10 with Spirit Airlines for $388 round-trip. You can find the flight deal here.