Nassau Bahamas is mostly known to cruisers as they come into the city for a day or two. While many never step past the “touristy” areas, the capital city offers more than what meets the eye.

Native Nate McKinney gives us his perspective on where to go to enjoy an authentic and mostly black-owned Nassau experience.

Rent a scooter to get you around

If you are coming in on one of the cruise ships, stop by Virgo Car Rental just outside the port gates to rent a scooter or ATV for the day. Nate suggests that by renting a scooter, you have the freedom to get to places faster and cheaper than taking a taxi or using a car service or tour company.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

Sit down for a homecooked breakfast at Shoal Bistro

Nate suggests heading to Nassau Street to get a great meal at this hidden gem. Shoal Bistro is known to the locals as one of the best places for breakfast, as well as some of the best seafood Nassau has to offer.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

Lay out on one of the more peaceful beaches

Since Nassau is an island, you have your share of beaches all around. Most people head to Junkanoo beach, Cable beach, or even Paradise Island to get their fix of sun and sand. However, all of the beaches on the island are open to the public, and you can relax in peace just by choosing a different one. Nate suggests going to any of the beaches along West Bay Road once you cross the Sandy Port bridge. These beaches are clean, not crowded, and offer stunning views.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor


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Head back to Nassau Street to pick up lunch

After getting your tan just right and working up an appetite for lunch, head back over to Nassau street to the local’s favorite takeout spot. Bamboo Shack is the place to get your taste of Bahamian favorites fast food style. The prices are also very affordable.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

End your day with cocktails on the beach

Junkanoo beach always packs a crowd since it is right next to the port. What many don’t know is that the most popular spot for drinks on this beach is black-owned. The Tiki Hut sits right on the beach and offers some of the best cocktails, local beers, and bar bites around. The owner started the company with only a few dollars and now brings in millions. Now that is a success story to support.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor