Traveler Story: I Am A Moroccan Woman And I Travel Solo

Zineb (@travelwithzineb) reveals the challenges and beauty of traveling alone as a woman in Morocco. Ever wondered why travel can be exclusive to a certain category of people? Have you dreamed of all the amazing destinations these people can afford while you scroll down on your Instagram feed and cry over the perfect settings, lights […]

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5 African Cities You Should Visit If You’re Dreaming Of Wakanda

Do you still have Black Panther on the brain? You’re not the only one. The hit Marvel superhero movie has sparked a renewed interest in travel to Africa, and it shows no signs of slowing down. And while we can’t actually visit the afro-futuristic land of Wakanda, it got us thinking about which cities in […]

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Where In The World Was Black Panther Filmed?

Millions of people from around the world want to book a one-way ticket to Wakanda thanks to the success of Marvel’s hit Black Panther, but while you can’t really pay a visit to the futuristic land, we’ll tell you where the crew behind the film did go to create the fictional, utopian African nation. RELATED: Mario Rigby Just […]

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Deal Alert: Fly To Nairobi, Kenya For Less Than $700 Round-Trip

Flight deals to just about any country in Africa don’t happen as often as we’d like, so when we find them, we get excited! Round-trip flights from select U.S. cities to Nairobi, Kenya are going for less than $700 for travel between February and May and September, and it’s happening right now! Those flying out […]

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Traveler Story: Exploring The Hidden Gems Of Casablanca, Morocco

Traveler Lauren-Ashley tells Travel Noire about a stop in Morocco during a “Trip Around the World” and gives tips for traveling the globe with an infant. Travel Noire: Why did you decide to go to Morocco? Lauren-Ashley: It was very difficult to decide where I wanted to go for my 30th birthday. I could not […]

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Traveler Story: Exploring the Real Ghana

Visiting the motherland is something many black Americans talk about but never actually do. With some convincing from friends, no real plan and 70,000 Delta SkyMiles, I booked a New Year’s Eve trip to Accra, Ghana to see a small piece of the continent for myself. On New Year’s Day, I arrived in Accra with […]

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Mario Rigby Just Completed Two Year Walk From Cape Town To Cairo

Over the last two years, Toronto, Canada-based personal trainer Mario Rigby has traveled throughout the continent of Africa, and he did it all by foot or kayak. Mario set out on his journey in November 2015, beginning a more than 7,000-mile trek in Cape Town, South Africa. From South Africa, he went to Malawi, where […]

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Traveler Story: What It’s Like To Volunteer in Ghana

Traveling to Ghana was such a beautiful and memorable experience. It was my first time visiting the continent, so I was excited to gain new experiences, gain new perspectives and to finally “go home,” so to speak, to the motherland to volunteer. Volunteering gave me the opportunity to experience Ghana in such an intimate and […]

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10 Times Black Travelers Made Morocco Look Magical

Morocco has an indescribable allure that you have to experience first-hand to truly understand. The North African nation has charmed travelers for decades, and Marrakesh is easily one of the top cities that is a must-visit for global adventurers. Whether you’ve explored the historic markets, mosques and hotels throughout Morocco or are simply dreaming of […]

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What Cape Town’s Water Crisis Means For Travelers

The beautiful Cape Town coastal setting has made it a popular destination for travelers from all over the world, but the city is currently dealing with a drought that has hit critical levels. Unseasonably dry winters have caused the dams in South Africa to become dangerously low, resulting in the dams hovering around 33% capacity […]

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Uganda: Falling In Love With The Pearl Of Africa

For any prospective traveler looking to experience a different location, there are often two paths one can take: heading to destinations that are trendy or choosing to travel off the beaten path in a way that will ultimately feed your soul. As a seasoned traveler, I choose the latter. I love to explore new places […]

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Ethiopian Airlines Makes History With All-Female Flight Crew

On December 16th, Ethiopian Airlines flew into history by operating the first all-female crew for an African flight. Every member of the flight crew was a woman, including the pilots, cabin crew, flight ramp operators and dispatchers. The groundbreaking flight took off from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and landed in Lagos, Nigeria. This isn’t the […]

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Two Never-Before-Seen Egyptian Tombs Will Soon Be Open To The Public

Visitors to the Egyptian Nile city of Luxor will soon have more attractions to see now that the Egyptian government has opened two never-before-seen tombs. Up until now, the tombs, thought to be around 3,500 years old according to a report from BBC News, have been sealed by the government despite having been discovered by […]

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What It’s Like To Be A Black American In Nairobi, Kenya

  I was the first black American that my Kenyan host family had ever accommodated in the four years they had served as a home-stay for travelers in Nairobi. It was a strange brew of emotions to be a black American in Africa. While I enjoyed the feeling of acceptance, I felt pressure to represent my […]

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A “New” Type Of Tourism Is Expected To Take Over In Africa

Anyone who has spent time in Africa knows that the continent has an endless amount of experiences to offer every type of traveler, but despite the stunning beaches, cosmopolitan cities, unmatched dining and thriving arts scene, conversations around travel to Africa in the mainstream is still wildly focused on safaris and group trips. Immersive, experience-driven travel to […]

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