163 Black Baby Boy Names Inspired by Cultures Around the World
Photo Credit: Photo by Truth Enock:

Photo Credit: Photo by Truth Enock:

163 Black Baby Boy Names Inspired by Cultures Around the World

Roberto Bustamante
Roberto Bustamante May 26, 2023

You’ve traveled the world near and far. You’ve experienced people, cultures, and food from all over. These journeys have formed and fashioned you as a person and even prepared you for your next great adventure, parenthood.

As you prepare for your new baby boy, you may be wondering what to name him. Your adventures around the world have taught you that names have meaning, foster identity, and even carry power and now you have the opportunity to preserve those experiences by choosing a unique name that instills a sense of wanderlust in your child.

To honor these adventures that shaped and inspired you, take a look at these unique names for black boys from the beautiful cultures of the world. These names carry the richness of their respective cultures and offer a unique and meaningful choice for your little one:

Black Baby Boy Names Inspired by African Culture

We recently surveyed the rich history and culture of the American South and took note of many inspiring names from there. As we turn now to the world at large, we look first to the strength and power of Africa.

  1. Asante (Ghana) – “Thank you”
  2. Amani (Swahili) – “Peace”
  3. Ekon (Nigeria) – “Strong”
  4. Jabari (Swahili) – “Brave”
  5. Kofi (Akan, Ghana) – “Born on Friday”
  6. Lutalo (Uganda) – “Warrior”
  7. Moyo (Shona, Zimbabwe) – “Heart”
  8. Nabil (Egypt) – “Noble”
  9. Obasi (Igbo, Nigeria) – “King”
  10. Samba (Senegal) – “Rhythm”
  11. Tariq (Arabic) – “Morning star”
  12. Uzoma (Igbo, Nigeria) – “Good road”
  13. Zuberi (Swahili) – “Strong”
  14. Daudi (Swahili, Tanzania) – “Beloved”
  15. Akin (Yoruba, Nigeria) – “Warrior”
  16. Azibo (Yoruba, Nigeria) – “Earth”
  17. Cisse (Mali) – “Lion”
  18. Jengo (Swahili, Tanzania) – “Building”
  19. Kibwe (Swahili, Kenya) – “Blessed”
  20. Lekan (Yoruba, Nigeria) – “Success”
  21. Mhina (Swahili, Tanzania) – “Moon”
  22. Ramzi (Swahili, Tanzania) – “Symbolic”
  23. Sefu (Swahili, Tanzania) – “Sword”
  24. Tarik (Swahili, Tanzania) – “Pathway”
  25. Udo (Igbo, Nigeria) – “Peace”
  26. Zaire (Swahili) – “River”

Unique Black Baby Boy Names that Mean King in Various Languages

Maliki, "King" (Swahili)

There is no better name for your baby prince than that of “King” in the many languages of the world. Take a look at these unique names, all of which translate into English as King. They are perfectly suited for your tiny prince who will one day grow to be a king. 

  1. Malik (Arabic)
  2. Raja (Hindi)
  3. Rex (Latin)
  4. Basileus (Greek)
  5. Roi (French)
  6. Melech (Hebrew)
  7. Rey (Spanish)
  8. Kral (Turkish)
  9. Vua (Vietnamese)
  10. Rajan (Sanskrit)
  11. Wang (Chinese)
  12. Basile (Italian)
  13. Kralj (Croatian)
  14. Konungur (Icelandic)
  15. Maliki (Swahili)
  16. Hakan (Turkish)
  17. Raja (Indonesian)
  18. Hamelekh (Yiddish)
  19. Mbretë (Albanian)
  20. Wangsa (Javanese)
  21. Malka (Amharic)
  22. Mbret (Bosnian)
  23. Rí (Irish)
  24. Fons (Dutch)
  25. Koning (Afrikaans)
  26. Kralev (Bulgarian)
  27. Vé (Welsh)
  28. Sultán (Arabic)
  29. Rei (Portuguese)
  30. Rexford (English)

Black Baby Boy Names with European Origins

Names with European origins carry meaningful associations to kingdoms and even agriculture. These names for black boys with diverse backgrounds and mixed ethnicities are reminders of drive and purpose. 

  1. Adrian (Romanian) – “From Hadria”
  2. Xavier (Basque, Spanish) – “New house”
  3. Leon (Greek, German) – “Lion”
  4. Fabian (Italian, Spanish) – “Bean grower”
  5. Luca (Italian, Romanian) – “Bringer of light”
  6. Marco (Italian) – “Warlike”
  7. Andreas (Greek, German) – “Manly”
  8. Nikolai (Russian) – “Victory of the people”
  9. Leonardo (Italian) – “Brave lion”
  10. Victor (Romanian, Spanish) – “Conqueror”
  11. Alessandro (Italian) – “Defender of men”
  12. Emil (German, Scandinavian) – “Rival”
  13. Henrik (Swedish, Danish) – “Ruler of the home”
  14. Marcus (Romanian, Swedish) – “Warlike”
  15. Sebastian (German, Swedish) – “Venerable”
  16. Adrian (English, Romanian) – “From Hadria”
  17. David (English, Spanish) – “Beloved”
  18. Oliver (English, German) – “Olive tree”
  19. Julian (English, Spanish) – “Youthful”
  20. Anton (German, Swedish) – “Priceless”
  21. Vincent (English, French) – “Conquering”
  22. Nicholas (English, Greek) – “Victory of the people”
  23. Benjamin (English, Hebrew) – “Son of the right hand”

Black Baby Boy Names Inspired by Asian Culture

Ryu, "Dragon" (Japanese, Korean)

Asia’s culture of poetry and inspired thought runs deep in its people as well as its names. These unique names for your baby boy are a reminder of time well spent in these countries. From Korea to Vietnam, China and Japan, take a look at these names that speak to the heart

  1. Akio (Japanese) – “Bright man”
  2. Arjun (Sanskrit, Indian) – “Bright, shining”
  3. Bao (Chinese) – “Treasure”
  4. Dai (Vietnamese) – “Great”
  5. Haruki (Japanese) – “Shining brightly”
  6. Ji-Hoon (Korean) – “Smart and handsome”
  7. Kai (Chinese, Japanese) – “Ocean” or “recovery”
  8. Kazuki (Japanese) – “Harmonious hope”
  9. Kenji (Japanese) – “Intelligent ruler”
  10. Leung (Chinese) – “Lion”
  11. Minh (Vietnamese) – “Bright, intelligent”
  12. Nikhil (Sanskrit, Indian) – “Complete, whole”
  13. Rajan (Hindi, Indian) – “King”
  14. Ryu (Japanese, Korean) – “Dragon”
  15. Samir (Arabic, Indian) – “Entertaining companion”
  16. Shen (Chinese) – “Spirit”
  17. Shiro (Japanese) – “Fourth son”
  18. Tatsuya (Japanese) – “Dragon”
  19. Van (Vietnamese) – “Cloud”
  20. Wei (Chinese) – “Greatness”
  21. Xander (Greek, Chinese) – “Defender of the people”
  22. Yasir (Arabic) – “Wealthy”
  23. Yoon (Korean) – “Allowing”
  24. Zhi (Chinese) – “Ambitious”
  25. Amit (Hindi, Indian) – “Infinite, boundless”
  26. Darshan (Sanskrit, Indian) – “Seeing, vision”
  27. Haruki (Japanese) – “Shining brightly”
  28. Jiāng (Chinese) – “River”

Black Baby Boy Names Inspired by The Middle East

Raheem, "Compassionate" or "Merciful" (Arabic)

Boy names inspired by the Middle East are a reminder of noble times when princes carved nations and kingdoms out of the sand. The diversity of the Middle East is shown in these beautiful names with even more beautiful meanings. If your son comes from a mixed background from the Middle East or of Islamic descent, these names will inspire.

  1. Amir (Arabic) – “Prince” or “ruler”
  2. Malik (Arabic) – “King” or “master”
  3. Zain (Arabic) – “Beautiful” or “handsome”
  4. Jamal (Arabic) – “Beauty” or “handsomeness”
  5. Rashid (Arabic) – “Guided” or “rightly guided”
  6. Kareem (Arabic) – “Generous” or “noble”
  7. Faris (Arabic) – “Knight” or “horseman”
  8. Nadir (Arabic) – “Rare” or “precious”
  9. Raheem (Arabic) – “Compassionate” or “merciful”
  10. Jamal (Arabic) – “Beauty” or “grace”
  11. Ali (Arabic) – “Elevated” or “noble”
  12. Hassan (Arabic) – “Handsome” or “good”
  13. Amin (Arabic) – “Trustworthy” or “faithful”
  14. Karim (Arabic) – “Generous” or “kind”
  15. Rayan (Arabic) – “Gates of heaven”
  16. Nabil (Arabic) – “Noble” or “intelligent”
  17. Jafar (Arabic) – “Small stream”
  18. Farid (Arabic) – “Unique” or “precious”
  19. Omar (Arabic) – “Long-lived” or “eloquent”
  20. Tariq (Arabic) – “Morning star” or “night visitor”
  21. Ahmad (Arabic) – “Highly praised” or “commendable”
  22. Saif (Arabic) – “Sword” or “blade”
  23. Mustafa (Arabic) – “Chosen” or “preferred”
  24. Saeed (Arabic) – “Happy” or “fortunate”
  25. Idris (Arabic) – “Studious” or “learned”
  26. Hamza (Arabic) – “Strong” or “steadfast”
  27. Faisal (Arabic) – “Judge” or “decisive”
  28. Bilal (Arabic) – “Moist” or “water”
  29. Hadi (Arabic) – “Guide” or “leader”
  30. Kamal (Arabic) – “Perfection” or “excellence”

Black Baby Boy Names Influenced by American Culture

Jamal, "Handsome" or "Beauty" (Arabic)

America and its melting pot have given way to a rich history of names from all over the world. Here, you will find names for your baby boy rooted in nature, poetry, the warrior spirit, and beyond. 

  1. Kamal (Arabic) – “Perfection” or “excellence”
  2. Xavier (Basque) – “Bright” or “splendid”
  3. Kameron (Scottish) – “Crooked nose” or “bent nose”
  4. Jordan (Hebrew) – “To flow down” or “to descend”
  5. Devin (Irish) – “Poet” or “divine”
  6. Caleb (Hebrew) – “Whole-hearted”
  7. Andre (French) – “Man” or “warrior”
  8. Darius (Persian) – “Maintainer” or “upholder”
  9. Marcus (Latin) – “Of Mars” or “warlike”
  10. Desmond (Irish) – “From South Munster” or “gracious defender”
  11. Trevor (Welsh) – “Large settlement” or “homestead”
  12. Wesley (English) – “Western meadow” or “western clearing”
  13. Malcolm (Scottish) – “Disciple of Columba”
  14. Maurice (Latin) – “Dark-skinned”
  15. Reggie (English) – Diminutive of Reginald, meaning “Advice ruler” or “wise ruler”
  16. Jamal (Arabic) – “Handsome” or “beauty”
  17. Keith (Scottish) – “Of the forest” or “woods”
  18. Donovan (Irish) – “Dark” or “brown-haired chieftain”
  19. Terrence (Latin) – “Smooth” or “polished”
  20. Marquis (French) – “Nobleman” or “title of nobility”
  21. Troy (Irish) – “Foot soldier” or “descendant of foot soldier”
  22. Quentin (Latin) – “Fifth” or “fifth-born child”
  23. Tyrell (English) – “Stubborn” or “tie maker”
  24. Sterling (English) – “Little star” or “genuine”
  25. Malik (Arabic) – “King” or “sovereign”
  26. Aiden (Irish) – “Little fire” or “fiery”

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