Asia is one of the most affordable travel destinations. It’s full of unique attractions and adult-only experiences you’ll definitely want to try. CNN recently revealed 13 picturesque towns in Asia, built on the country’s history, architecture, and breathtaking scenic views.

Check out the which cities made the list.

Hoi An, Vietnam

Old Town Hoi An was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1999. Vietnam is known for its ancient villages, beautiful beaches, delicious food options, colorful architecture, and distinct Japanese designs. The Japanese Covered Bridge looks even more beautiful at night.

Phuket Town, Thailand

Phuket is home to beautiful beaches and Airbnbs for tourists to gain more of local experience. According to a local historian, the city’s architecture is a reflection of European influences on the island and boasts Sino-Portuguese and Sino-Colonial style mansions. Not too far away is the Big Buddha, one of the most iconic landmarks on the island, sitting at 45 meters tall.

Phuket’s Big Buddha | Getty Images

Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Some of the best scenic views can be seen on foot in Sai Kung, making it a great destination for runners, hikers, and outdoor lovers. The city is surrounded by mountains and coastal villages, along with an array of bakeries, shops, and bars. Seafood is a must on every menu at one of their open-air waterfront restaurants.

Stage 8 of Hong Kong’s MacLehose hiking trail.

Yufuin, Japan

This charming town boasts traditional Japanese architecture at its finest. One of the town’s most beautiful places, the Yufuin Floral Village, is a safe haven for cartoon lovers with animal-inspired shops, like the RabbitHouse and The Sheep.

Georgetown, Malaysia

Considered the “food capital of Malaysia,” George Town is one of the best food cities in Asia, according to CNN. If you’re planning a trip soon, kaya toast, rice cakes, and traditional Assam laksa noodles in a spicy soup/broth should be on your bucket list of foods to try.

Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang has over 30 alluring temples, night markets, museums, and other aesthetically pleasing architectural attractions. The Royal Palace Museum, known as or Haw Pha Bang Golden Hall merges traditional Lao and French style, built during the French colonial era in 1904.

The Haw Pha Bang (the Royal temple) at the Royal Palace Museum | Getty Images
Detail of a door at the Haw Pha Bang (the Royal temple) at the Royal Palace Museum | Getty Images

City of Vigan, Philippines

Experience Spanish-colonial architecture with European influences in the historic town of Vigan. Surround yourself in preserved 18th-century buildings, cobblestone streets, and oriental designs. The famed Vigan Cathedral, (also known as St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral), has a Baroque architectural design, made to stand the battle against earthquakes in 1574.

Vigan Cathedral | Getty Images

Kampot, Cambodia

Cambodia has become a hot travel destination, especially for black travelers. A day of exploration will unveil the city’s beautiful views of the river, colorful colonial shops, pepper farms in Kampot.

Getty Images

Galle, Sri Lanka

For centuries, the town of Galle acted as a trade port, housing old warehouses, and 18th-century mansions. Each has been transformed into restaurants, boutiques, and museums and four-story monuments like the Galle Clock Tower built in the 19th century.

Getty Images

Kota Gede, Indonesia

This neat little town became famous for being the epicenter of Yogyakarta’s silverwork industry in the 1930s. Craftsmen produce delicate silver tea sets, jewelry, and fine brooches with floral motifs and more.

Getty Images
Applying a flame to melt and shape the silver filigree together on a workbench. Craftsmen create delicate and ornate silver crafts in Kota Gede, known as the silver town in Yogyakarta. A center of silverware manufacturing, the focus on filigree began in the 1950s.

Zhouzhuang, China

China’s water-town features well-preserved Chinese buildings, attractive cultural landscapes, picturesque houses and renovated treasures like the Chengxu Taoist Temple and the 500-year-old Twin Bridges.

Twin Bridges

Mawlynnong, India

Dubbed “the cleanest village” in India boasts homemade treehouse made from bamboo, overlooking the jungle and Bangladesh plains. Reviewers agreed to definitely worth the 17-hour plane ride to see the beautiful gardens, natural bridges, and the bamboo skywalk at Mawlynnong Waterfall.

Ghandruk, Nepal

The Gokarna Forest Resort provided a unique pampering experience in the Ghandruk Village, one of many beautiful villages. Besides how many people can say they went to a resort near a mountain top in Asia? Far and few between I’m sure. Here also lies Annapurna Mountain, the 10th highest mountain in the world.

View of the peaks of the Annapurna Massif | Getty Images