What To Pack For Your First Girls Trip To Europe
Photo Credit: Jasmine Browley

Photo Credit: Jasmine Browley

What To Pack For Your First Girls Trip To Europe

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Mar 4, 2022

The time has come. You have finally come together to organize this girls trip to Europe and no doubt, the excitement levels are high. You’ll be heading to Paris to enjoy the start of springtime in the city that does romance well, or the slowness of the Mediterranean lifestyle on the Greek islands, or somewhere else – everywhere else. Europe is varied and full of surprises, so what to pack?

Regardless of your destination, there are some staples that will make this girls trip to Europe top tier. This is what we’d keep handy in our bags for an epic group trip such as this.

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1. All-In-One Beauty Bag

Gifts for all skin types
Credit: Cottonbro

You’re heading to Europe, so we imagine you’re ready for sleepless nights taking in the best of the city. Of course, you’re going to balance it out by continuing your 12-step skincare routine. We get it. To avoid hugely overpacking, check out Glossier’s handy compartmentalized toiletries bag to keep your luggage compact and products organized.

2. Chic Handbag

Credit: Nappy

Europe is known for chicness and class, so get your cute handbag ready because it will surely live swinging at the side of you. Of all the options to choose, we think this quilted crossbody goes with everything, no matter what kind of travel style you have.

3. Stylish Shades


Whether you’re heading out for your morning coffee or making your way out to enjoy the spring air until the stunning sunset, a stylish pair of sunglasses are European staples. A perfect pair of Lake Como Michael Kors sunglasses adds a certain something to the mood, we think.

4. Skincare Kit

Credit: Envato Elements

With summer not yet kicking in and winter still a very present reminder, Europe in the springtime can be tricky on the skin. Fenty Skin’s fragrance-free skincare starter kit has all you’ll need to keep your skin refreshed and protected.

5. Travel Adapter

Credit: Steve Johnson

This is easy to forget, so we thought we’d add it to the list to save you the hassle. There is surely nothing worse than having one adaptor to share between everyone on the trip, so be sure to purchase one that allows for multiple cables. This Anker multi-country charger will do the trick.

6. Instant Camera

You can’t go on a girl’s trip to Europe without taking some awesome, Instagram-worthy pictures. Make it officially a trip to remember with an instant camera to give an air of added glamour to your photo-taking experience.

7. Sheet Masks

Every girls trip needs that member, the one who has the sheet masks at the ready, in every different ingredient, for every different skin type and combination. These sheet masks are sure to be a hit for the TLC-infused nights in.

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