Unique Southern Baby Boy Names Inspired by Great Leaders, Nature, Cuisine, and More
Photo Credit: Photo by Hussein Altameemi

Photo Credit: Photo by Hussein Altameemi

Unique Southern Baby Boy Names Inspired by Great Leaders, Nature, Cuisine, and More

Roberto Bustamante
Roberto Bustamante May 24, 2023

For avid travelers, the memories of travel can become an integral part of their identity. One unique way to honor these experiences is by naming a child after an unforgettable journey. By choosing a name inspired by an expedition, you not only pay tribute to the remarkable places you’ve explored, you also instill a sense of adventure and curiosity within your family’s legacy.

Roots run deep in the American South, so if you have any ties, and are expecting a new son in the coming months, you may be searching for just the right name that will either reflect his rich Southern heritage or preserve your memory of the beautiful south. 

We’ve curated a list of good ol’ Southern boy names inspired by the United States, nature, Southern culture and cuisine. Then there are those that reflect the strong Black leaders of the South.

To ensure you select a unique name that your child will love, it’s crucial to involve your partner in the decision-making process. Discussing and making the choice as a team, will ultimately, strengthen your connection and reinforce the shared love for travel that brought you closer.

Southern Boy Names Inspired by States and Cities of the American South

These boy names are a great reminder of the spirit and beauty found in the Southern states. They can serve as a way to pay tribute to the regions you admire and perhaps even where you came from.

  1. Austin (Texas)
  2. Dallas (Texas)
  3. Jackson (Mississippi)
  4. Macon (Georgia)
  5. Raleigh (North Carolina)
  6. Charleston (South Carolina)
  7. Montgomery (Alabama)
  8. Baton (Louisiana)
  9. Richmond (Virginia)
  10. Augustus (Augusta, Georgia)
  11. Houston (Texas)
  12. Memphis (Memphis, TN)
  13. Nash (Nashville, TN)
  14. Lexington (Kentucky)

Southern Boy Names Inspired by Black Leaders 

The South is home to some of the most powerful leaders to ever fight the good fight for equality, freedom, and peace. These Southern boy names pay tribute to these leaders and their remarkable contributions. Unlike other black baby boy names, these names are a gentle reminder that the fight for what is right is never finished. 

  1. Martin (after Martin Luther King Jr.)
  2. Malcolm (after Malcolm X)
  3. Frederick (after Frederick Douglass)
  4. Langston (after Langston Hughes)
  5. Booker (after Booker T. Washington)
  6. Thurgood (after Thurgood Marshall)
  7. Marcus (after Marcus Garvey)
  8. W.E.B. (after W.E.B. Du Bois)
  9. Nelson (after Nelson Mandela)
  10. Barack (after Barack Obama)
  11. Colin (after Colin Powell)
  12. Jesse (after Jesse Jackson)
  13. Medgar (after Medgar Evers)
  14. Emmett (after Emmett Till)
  15. Desmond (after Desmond Tutu)
  16. Arthur (after Arthur Ashe)
  17. Elijah (after Elijah McCoy)
  18. Sojourner (after Sojourner Truth)
  19. Langford (after Langford Hughes)
  20. Marcus (after Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr.)

Southern Boy Names Inspired by Nature

The South is not only known for its powerful leaders, both male and female, but also its powerful and awe-inspiring nature. These names evoke that beauty and can be a unique way to connect your son with the outdoors and beautiful Southern landscapes.

  1. Reed – (English, meaning “red-haired” or “a person who lived near reeds or a reed bed”)
  2. Stone – (English, meaning “stone” or “rock”)
  3. Ridge – (English, meaning “narrow raised strip of land”)
  4. Brooks – (English, meaning “small stream” or “brook”)
  5. Colt – (English, meaning “young horse” or “a young warrior”)
  6. Lake – (English, meaning “a large body of water surrounded by land” or “a placid or calm body of water”)
  7. Ash – (English, meaning “ash tree” or “gray”)
  8. Blaze – (English, meaning “flame” or “to shine brightly”)
  9. Branch – (English, meaning “a small limb or offshoot from a tree” or “to divide or split into branches”)
  10. Cedar – (English, meaning “cedar tree” or “strong”)
  11. Forrest – (English, meaning “dweller near the woods” or “forest”)
  12. Glen – (Scottish, meaning “narrow valley” or “a secluded, wooded dale”)
  13. Hawk – (English, meaning “bird of prey” or “sharp-eyed”)
  14. Hunter – (English, meaning “one who hunts” or “pursuer”)
  15. Phoenix – (Greek, meaning “dark red” or “mythical bird reborn from the ashes”)
  16. Rowan – (Gaelic, meaning “little red one” or “rowan tree”)
  17. Skyler – (Dutch, meaning “scholar” or “fugitive”)
  18. Talon – (English, meaning “claw” or “nail”)
  19. Wren – (English, meaning “small songbird” or “ruler”)
  20. Zephyr – (Greek, meaning “west wind” or “gentle breeze”)

Southern Boy Names Inspired by Different Cultures

From the French Quarter in New Orleans to the old world charm that is Charleston, these Southern boy names inspired by the melting pot of culture in America will be a great reminder of its rich heritage. And, lest you missed it, they are so very, very unique. In today’s day and age of naming your new son after something unique and interesting … well, look no further. 

  1. Jaxon (Southern variation of Jackson)
  2. Beau (French, meaning “handsome”)
  3. Luca (Italian, meaning “bringer of light”)
  4. Asher (Hebrew, meaning “happy” or “blessed”)
  5. Kai (Hawaiian, meaning “sea”)
  6. Levi (Hebrew, meaning “attached” or “joined”)
  7. Mateo (Spanish, variation of Matthew)
  8. Xavier (Spanish, derived from the Basque place name meaning “new house” or “bright”)
  9. Kieran (Irish, meaning “dark-haired”)
  10. Amir (Arabic, meaning “prince” or “ruler”)
  11. Ravi (Indian, meaning “sun”)
  12. Tariq (Arabic, meaning “morning star” or “night visitor”)
  13. Soren (Danish, meaning “stern” or “severe”)
  14. Rhett (Welsh, meaning “enthusiastic” or “passionate”)
  15. Ansel (German, meaning “godly” or “protected by God”)

Southern Boy Names Inspired by Different Countries

When we talk about Southern inspired boys’ names, we’re not just talking about the States. The “South” is all over the world. From the South Jersey region of England (Camden) to the southern coast of Norway (Oslo) to South Africa, these Southern boys’ names will test people’s geography and give them something to talk about. 

  1. Camden (England)
  2. Hudson (United States)
  3. Kingston (Jamaica)
  4. Rio (Brazil)
  5. Dallas (United States)
  6. Orlando (United States)
  7. Beckham (England)
  8. Lincoln (United States)
  9. Cairo (Egypt)
  10. Dublin (Ireland)
  11. Milan (Italy)
  12. Oslo (Norway)
  13. Santiago (Spain)

Southern Boy Names Inspired by Southern Food

How about adding a touch of spice and flavor to your new son’s name? These food inspired names will remind you of the South’s masterful cuisine and perhaps highlight a sweet and savory personality.

  1. Sage: Found in various regions of the South like Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, this herb grows well in various regions of the South.
  2. Basil: A popular herb that can be found growing in Southern states like Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida.
  3. Kale: This versatile leafy green is all the rage these days. It is grown throughout the South, particularly in states like North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.
  4. Bay: This herb comes from the bay laurel tree, which can be found in several parts of the South, including states like Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.
  5. Hawthorn: This tree is native to various parts of the South including Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.
  6. Oleander: Found in Southern states like Florida, Texas, and California; this shrub thrives in warmer climates.
  7. Pecan: Found in Georgia, Texas, and Alabama where pecan orchards are known to thrive.
  8. Hickory: Hickory trees are native to many parts of the South, including states like Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky.
  9. Sorghum: Found in Southern states like Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee, this ancient Egyptian grain is used to feed livestock like turkey and quail. 
  10. Sumac – Sumac shrubs grow in different regions of the South, including states like Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.
  11. Taro: Found in the warmer regions of the South like Hawaii, Florida, and Louisiana, this root vegetable has become very popular in the West. 
  12. Yam: Yam plants are cultivated in several Southern states, including Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina.
  13. Fig: Found in Southern states like Florida, Texas, and Georgia, this fruit from the ficus tree is sweet and used in many desserts. 
  14. Cassava: Found in the warmer parts of the South like Florida, Texas, and Louisiana, this root vegetable has become a popular alternative for various grain-based products.

Southern Boy Names Inspired by the Black South

The Black South has a deep and storied history. From great leaders and powerful voices to colorful and flavorful foods. What is most important is for you and your family to choose a name that resonates with you. Here are a few more options for Southern boy names that may strike a chord. 

  1. Malik – (Arabic, meaning “king” or “ruler”)
  2. Xavier – (Basque, meaning “new house” or “bright”)
  3. Elijah – (Hebrew, meaning “my God is Yahweh”)
  4. Micah – (Hebrew, meaning “who is like God?”)
  5. Isaiah – (Hebrew, meaning “Yahweh is salvation”)
  6. Josiah – (Hebrew, meaning “fire of Yahweh” or “Yahweh supports”)
  7. Jalen – (American, combination of the names Jay and Allen)
  8. Zaire – (African, meaning “river” or “place of the swamps”)
  9. Kofi – (Akan-Ghana, meaning “born on Friday”)
  10. DeMarcus – (English, combination of the names De and Marcus)
  11. Jamison – (English, meaning “son of James”)
  12. Tyrone – (Irish, meaning “land of Eoghan” or “one who descends from Eoghan”)
  13. Andre – (French, meaning “manly” or “brave”)
  14. Marquis – (French, meaning “nobleman” or “borderland”)
  15. Kendrick – (English, meaning “royal ruler” or “champion”)
  16. Jamar – (American, combination of the names James and Lamar)
  17. Darius – (Persian, meaning “possessor” or “upholder of good”)
  18. LaMarcus – (American, combination of the names La and Marcus)
  19. Terrence – (Latin, meaning “tender” or “soft”)
  20. Desmond – (Irish, meaning “man of the world” or “gracious defender”)

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