A new Black-owned hotel is opening in Philly, and it won’t be like anything you’ve ever seen.

The owner of Yowie, Shannon Maldonado, took to Instagram to announce the site’s new plans, which she says has been two years in the making.

“We are beyond excited and proud to announce that Yowie will be expanding to 224-226 South Street in late 2022,” the South Philly native stated. “After years of requests, you can sleep at Yowie”

Located in Queen Village, Yowie is a home store that focuses on curating small collections of independent artists and designers.

According to Maldonado, the new space will also be home to Yowie’s headquarters and will feature retail space, flex studio, café, and 11 YOWIE-designed and curated hotel rooms.


“This project is being created in partnership with the amazing team from The Deacon and Dye House. They are OG YOWIE pop-up guests […] turned clients turned friends turned partners and I can’t think of a more talented or supportive team to bring my dream to life,” she added.

Dye House is no stranger to the accommodation game and offers some pretty cool suites and event spaces. Its “Weft Suite” is a beautiful stay inspired by 18-century French art. Its “Loft Suite” is a stunning and luxurious accommodation with high ceilings and a comfy lounge.

“I’ve fallen in love with hospitality through some of the design projects we’ve worked on with other people, so the idea of a Yowie hotel is so exciting,” she told Marie Claire. “Long term, I want us to be woven into the culture of Philadelphia. I want people to be really proud that the brand grew here, and we’re not expanding outside of Philadelphia.”

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