When certain medical procedures are too expensive, some opt to have them done overseas for a fraction of the cost. A popular surgery is the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), but one unnamed woman who got it in the Dominican Republic, found herself without a kidney.

As reported by Black Enterprise, “getting a BBL has become a popular trend that is causing many people to go overseas in search of a cheaper way to contour their bodies. But doing so comes with consequences.”

The woman’s friend, Anita, recorded a video in her car and posted it on YouTube as a cautionary tale.

What Happened?

“When did it become such a trend to roll the dice?” Anita asked. “I wish women had confidence and didn’t put their life on the line.”

She explained that some months ago, her friend went to the Dominican Republic to get a BBL. From the start, Anita had reservations, and cautioned her to “be careful.”

The woman went to a doctor promoted on Instagram, but apparently didn’t do much research beyond that.

In additional to the BBL, the woman got a tummy tuck and liposuction.

The Consequences Were Severe

Later, the woman experienced “body aches and headaches,” so she went to her doctor, who noticed that her kidney count was low.

The doctor asked if she had any surgeries within the last year to which she said, “yes.”

A CAT scan revealed she was missing a kidney.

The Woman Thought She Was Getting A Bargain

The price tag for the full procedure was too good for the woman to pass up.

The doctor in the Dominican Republic removed her kidney and sold it on the black market.

The woman’s attempts to track down the doctor were fruitless, as he disappeared.

The Woman Who Promoted The Doctor Wasn't Real

According to Anita, the woman who promoted the doctor didn’t exist.

“That girl was a botched, fake a*s account that was taken down,” Anita said. “It was shown that all those pictures were taken off Google. So that wasn’t even a real person.”

“The moral of this true story is PLEASE don’t get a BBL!”

Woman Has To Take Medication Possibly For Life

In addition to having to take medication, the woman has to care for her remaining kidney.

“If you do want to have a bigger butt, go to a doctor that you know is good,” Anita said.

“If this doctor is only charging you $2,000, $1,000, $3,500- that is not a good doctor. Invest in what you put in your body always, no matter what it is.”


Social Media Puts Pressure On Women

Anita remarked that the pressure on women to look a certain way is worsened by social media.

“The real tea is how social media is set up. We are all programmed to feel like we are not good enough. We have to come to a place where we feel confident. Do we really need that ‘like’ on IG?”

Towards the end of the video, Anita lamented what the next “killer trend” would be for young women.