Where was “For Your Eyes Only” filmed? Fans of the James Bond franchise ask this question all the time. Why? Because fans wonder if the film’s locations are in fact real or just simply stage designs created for the movie. The thought of visiting the filming location of a movie buff’s favorite franchise can be exciting and make the perfect vacation.

Now, for some people maybe it has been a minute since their last escapade with 007. Here’s a brief recap. “For Your Eyes Only” is a 1981 classic spy movie and the twelfth film in the 007 series. Roger Moore’s Bond is tasked with retrieving the Automatic Targeting Attack Communicator (ATAC), a system used to coordinate British submarines. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Bond movie without a woman. For this one, it is the mysterious Melina, who’s on her own mission of revenge.

Filmed in Greece, Italy, England and the Bahamas, this Bond adventure offers an exotic worldview. Along the way, this adventure takes movie watchers to the clear waters of the Bahamas to England’s largest gas works. Italy’s Winter Olympics town is also seen in the movie as well as Greece’s famous floating monasteries. And yes, the scene where we see Bond hanging over a 600m tall cliff is, in fact, a real place in Greece.

‘For Your Eyes Only’ Filmed In England

England is the first filming location where James Bond visits his wife’s grave. The location is home to an extraordinary five-meter-high monument of brick. This monument recognizes Thomas Gray’s world-famous ‘Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard.’ The villagers bought out the surrounding land for long-term monument protection, now known as Gray’s Field.

At one time the largest gasworks in Europe, the Beckton Gasworks serves as the set for the movie’s finale. The location closed in 1969, well before the movie started filming. Today, the main structure no longer exists and it has since become housing and retail parks.

If you are a history lover, you will enjoy visiting these sites and learning more about them.

Where was ‘For Your Eyes Only’ Filmed in Greece?

Most of the movie’s action takes place in Greece, where beautiful islands, landscapes, and archaeological sites serve as a backdrop. For anyone who loves adventure, this filming location is full of beautiful mountains and bays.

The Kalama Bay on Corfu Island is the location for the attack on Melina’s parents. Kalama Beach is most famous for its beautiful landscape, clear warm water, and pebble filled beach (you may need your water shoes for this one).

Have you heard of the floating Monasteries in Greece? Meteora, a Greek name that means “floating in the air,” is a must-visit place in Greece. It offers a combination of natural beauty, religious, and historical significance. This famous filming location is where James Bond hangs off the aforementioned 600-meter-high cliff.

A visit to Meteora will have you marvel at the six monasteries built at the peak of tall rocks, which, on a foggy or high-humidity day, look like they are floating in the air. The region offers scenic views you will want to capture and nature trails that traverse the rocky routes, leading to the monasteries.


A town in Italy called Cortina d’Ampezzo, which translates to “queen of the Dolomite,” is the filming location for the movie’s winter intrigue portion. The Dolomites mountains surround the town and serve as a stunning picture of majestic peaks and winter wonderland. The skiing and driving past mountain scenes in “For Your Eyes Only” showed off the appeal of this town in one of its peak seasons. Visiting Cortina can help you understand why production chose to travel to yet another country to film this movie.

Cortina will be the site of the 2026 Winter Olympic Games and was (figuratively) put on the map when the town hosted the 1956 Winter Olympic games.

Cortina is also a town that is looking to draw in more tourists throughout the year. The 1956 Winter Olympics and the filming of “For Your Eyes Only” popularized it. However, the booming tourism Cortina experienced did not last forever. In fact, there has been significantly less tourism throughout the 2000’s.

Despite this fall in tourism, Cortina is planning to revitalize the town for a new wave of travelers it hopes to attract with the 2026 Winter Olympic Games. Visit this town to experience the new and old beauty it has to offer.


Remember the scene where Bond and Melina used coral to cut off a rope and escape? The Bahamas served as the backdrop for this famous scene. The island boasts clear waters with white sandy beaches for beach lovers. For water sports lovers, there are fishing and scuba diving excursions.

If nature lovers are among the travelers, visiting the parks are a great idea. The Lucayan National Park or the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve are the perfect getaways for families or couples who love romantic trips.

Rose Island in the Bahamas is a must-visit, where you can go swimming with pigs or turtles, and even enjoy turtle snorkeling tours. Explore the island’s culture and make sure not to eat the same meal each day, as there is a variety to choose from.

Now For Your Eyes To Experience

The “Where was For Your Eyes Only Filmed?” question confirms that adventure lovers are always looking for that next adrenaline-fueled vacation. This film’s locations are majestic, awe-inspiring, and totally accessible.

Maybe this means a vacation is in order; one that follows in the footsteps of Sir Ian Fleming’s most famous protagonist … Bond, James Bond.