Located in southern Mexico, La Paz is the capital of the Baja California Sur. It’s not uncommon for travelers to come here to check out the beautiful sunset. However, the city has much more to offer including a glimpse at the spectacular whale sharks. 

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world and there’s no better place to see them than in La Paz. Beyond the sandy shores and colorful city sights, travelers can see this endangered species in their natural habitats. The best time for whale shark watching is between October and April. While the rest of the world is hibernating, the whale sharks come alive and are on full display along the sunny shoreline of La Paz.

Get A Glimpse At The World’s Largest Fish

whale shark in La Paz
Photo credit: Elgin Renz Rocili

La Paz is a unique destination for multiple reasons. However, seeing the beautiful whale sharks is a true sight. Due to their endangered status, these creatures are heavily protected by the Mexican government. The animals are known as “gentle giants” and all tours to see the whale shark are monitored so travelers will have to book a tour to get close sightings. 

The city sits at the Sea of Cortez and the marine life here is stunning and abundant. The Sea of Cortez is full of plankton, making it a buffet for feeding whale sharks. Tours typically allow travelers to learn about the marine life in the area, gain more insight into the surrounding area, and catch a glimpse of whale sharks swimming in the sea. 

There are a few tours to try when heading to see the whale sharks in La Paz. BACo Adventures provides tours of the whale sharks as well as snorkeling for travelers who want to swim alongside the gentle giants. Some other tour companies to check out are Baja Desconocida and On Board Baja.

Experience The Beauty Of The Baja California Sur

La Paz coastline
Photo credit: Josh Withers

While La Paz may not be the most popular destination in Mexico, it is a hidden gem travelers should not overlook. The capital city has an array of tourism offerings. From picturesque beaches and resorts to majestic sunsets and international art, there is much to see and do in La Paz. Whether during whale shark watching season or afterward, La Paz is definitely a bucket list-worthy stop for travelers.