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wide open spaces

Inside Boheme Retreats: A Glamping Site With Vintage Campers Named After Black Women In History

When Keva Niver started her journey of healing in nature and camping outdoors, the lack of...

Mitti Hicks Mar 12, 2024
The 7 Most Scenic Spots On Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way

Ireland, the land of leprechauns, shamrocks, and pints of Guinness, sure does know how to...

Faith Katunga Jan 22, 2024
5 Memorable Igloo Stays To Visit This Winter

When it comes to unique and memorable travel experiences, spending a night in an igloo is hard to...

Ayah A. Dec 7, 2023
Travel Guru Courtney Lanctot Recommends A Luxury Dude Ranch For Your Next Vacation

Outdoor travel influencer Courtney Lanctot wants Black travelers to enjoy the unique and fun...

Ayah A. Nov 2, 2023
Black Owned: The Best Tote and Carry Bags for Your Outdoorsy Vacay

There’s a misconception that people who enjoy outdoo r adventures like to spend their vacations...

Mitti Hicks Oct 8, 2023
Experience Yachting and Boating Without Breaking the Bank

The popularity of boating experiences as a leisure activity is on the rise and has been steadily...

Ayah A. Aug 24, 2023