Former NFL player Bobby Massie and his wife, longtime journalist Angel Massie, just launched a new Black-owned experiential travel company in Denver, Colorado. Their brand, Wanderland Outdoors, offers luxury open-air experiences mindful of the groundwork BIPOCs have laid.

Wanderland Outdoors will take nature seekers throughout Colorado on guided fly-fishing trips, mindful hiking experiences, and trail rides. Trip attendees will have access to the best equipment, including Bare Bones chairs and Winston fishing rods. Additionally, the brand’s adventures continue beyond its outdoor and wellness activities. Groups will also feast on locally grown produce, Wagyu beef, tomahawk steaks, and black and white truffle.

Wanderland Outdoors’ experiences for this year are slated from mid-May through October. Those attending Wanderland’s Food x Fire experience will enjoy a three-course seated meal with seasonal ingredients and incredible landscape views.”The Wanderland Way”— the company’s commitment to a gold standard — ensures luxury is a paramount part of the trips.

Some trips will take guests into Wanderland’s exclusive, 33 miles of private, gold-medal waters. Horseback riders will venture into the India Peaks Wilderness, and hikers will walk through Rocky Mountain National Park.

What Makes Wanderland Outdoors Different?

“Wanderland Outdoors was founded not just because we have a love for the outdoors. It’s because we had several experiences where we went to outfitters and we just didn’t feel a sense of welcome, or accommodation,” noted Angel.

All Wanderland Outdoors trips will incorporate mindful movement, breathwork, and meditation into their experiences. The company’s goal is to make the outdoors more accessible and culturally grounded, particularly for Black and indigenous people. It does so by rooting its trips in the knowledge of its Black, Navajo, and Tongan guides.

The brand plans to explore the “wilds of Montana” and other outdoor scapes in the future.