13 Artwork Buys for Vacation Vibes at Home
Photo Credit: Nappy/Pexels.com

Photo Credit: Nappy/Pexels.com

13 Artwork Buys for Vacation Vibes at Home

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Katana Dumont
Katana Dumont Dec 15, 2022

Looking for some vacation-inspired artwork to bring the vacation vibes back home? Travel Noire’s got you covered!

Most of us dream of what it would be like to be on a never-ending vacation, where the pressures of work and day-to-day stressors just melt away. It’s a nice fantasy but as we all know vacations eventually come to an end and real life sets back in. While you won’t always be able to lounge on a tropical beach drinking margaritas, there are creative ways you can bring the laid-back vacation vibes home with you. 

One fun and easy way to bring the vacation to you is through artwork. A good piece of art makes a statement and elevates the decor in your home. Art can also captivate your senses and transport you to a destination in minutes. Whether you’re looking for a cityscape, beach getaway, or something in between you can find it depicted in art.

Destination art prints are a great way to bring the world to your home. Consider hanging up a travel-inspired art print in your office, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, and make your entire home feel like a getaway.  

Check out some vacation-inspired artwork that will bring the spirit of a destination directly to your home.


Want to go to Spain? Check out this Spain pool art print available for sale on Redbubble. Maybe Morocco is more your vibe. This Moroccan Dream art print on Society6 is sure to take you there. Or hang this Positano, Italy print anywhere in your home and instantly be transported to this Southern Italy cliffside village.

The travel possibilities are endless with a custom vacation-inspired art print.


What better way to transport yourself to a destination than through the lens of a travel photographer? Instead of interpreting what a place looks like, photography is able to capture it in real time and take you to that moment.

This photograph, entitled “Fisherman, Kerala Backwaters” captures a serene and picturesque moment in India. And this “Sunset in Santorini” photo comes with your choice of frame to match any home decor. 

Whether on canvas, in a frame, or as a poster, travel photography is sure to bring vacation vibes to your home.


Not all art needs to be hung up on the wall. Art sculptures bring an elevated aesthetic quality to your home. Whether displayed on a shelf, floor, table, or yard, sculptures are the centerpiece of a home. Create a destination ambiance in your home with a travel-inspired sculpture.      

If the outdoors are calling, this “Make-Your-Own Mountain Landscape Centerpiece” is perfect for nature enthusiasts. For a calming and colorful trip to the Aurora Borealis, check out this “Aurora Borealis Sand Art” sculpture. Want to catch a wave and bring some ocean flare to your abode? This “Braker Wave Sculpture” will do just that. 

Sculptures are a great way to bring an interactive art element to your home.


Creating a collage is a fun way to display your vacation and travel photos. But if DIY isn’t your jam, you can opt for a travel-inspired professionally-created collage instead.   

This “Summer Shores” collage exemplifies the spirit of the season and is a perfect way to bring a summer vacation to your home. For the world traveler, this “World City Tour Collage” will make an excellent addition to your international memorabilia. And this “Collage Of Colorful Windows And Doors In Burano” is a vibrant artwork that would look good in any home.  

Stitch together the perfect vacation with a travel collage for your home.


Art doesn’t always need to be black & white in order to convey an emotion. Ambiguous forms of art, like abstract works, can bring a needed level of creativity to your home decor. 

Check out this print sold on Minted, aptly called “Summer Vacation.” The colors are bursting with summer energy and joy. Or this “Hidden Beach Seascape” piece that instantly transports you to the sea.  

Embrace the power of abstracts and add some imaginative travel inspo to your home.


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