Children have such wonderful imaginations. If only they could pick a color palette and order samples. Creating a space for kids to let their imaginations run wild can be a chore instead of an exciting travel adventure, but TN has some ideas to help make it easier.

As kids grow up, so do their bedrooms. They go from bassinets to cribs to toddler beds to big kid beds, and finally, to dorm room beds. Sigh. Do your kids love to travel? While they’re young, help them to dream about travel while they aren’t on the road.

Whether it’s a safari or an underwater world your kids imagine when they think of travel, inspire their travel dreams through their bedrooms. Here are seven ideas for your kid’s bedroom décor that will spark travel dreams.

1. Glow-in-the-Dark Stars and Planets

Stella Murals

A lot of us had glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling of our bedrooms growing up. But, these old school stickers have had a glow-up you wouldn’t believe. Get these realistic stars and planets and have your child imagining more than just a road trip. They can imagine a space flight where you cruise around the atmosphere, like the available now through Virgin Galactic.

2. Realistic Stuffed Animals

Kid's bedroom ideas to inspire travel
Hansa Toys

We aren’t talking about pink bears and yellow koalas. Fill your kid’s room with Hansa Toys’ stuffed animals from Wildlife Wonders that look just like they would on a safari in Africa (not quite to scale, of course). Inspire your kids to feed the giraffes at Giraffe Manor by practicing at home with their own stuffed giraffes.

3. Travel Book Nook

7 Kid's Bedroom Décor Ideas To Spark Travel Dreams
Getty Images

Kids’ books are a must in any children’s bedroom. Books that inspire travel, in a sweet little nook, can let their imaginations run wild. Get a grassy-looking throw rug and a small bookcase, and grab books on travel around the world.

4. Travel Themed Bed


An airplane bed, a pirate ship bed, a van life bed, or even a tent or teepee. Give your kid a travel-themed sleep space and inspire them to dream big when it comes to travel.

5. Maps

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Neighborhood maps are great for young kids learning about their immediate area. A fun way to figure out how to get home, use a neighborhood or city map on a table and let them trace different places they’ve visited around town.

Or, get a world map and start coloring in and learning about all of the places they want to go, or have already gone.

6. Murals


Inspire your children to imagine travel through murals on their walls. Make them as intricate as possible to give kids hours of fun while playing, or when trying to drift off to sleep.

Design your own and paint it yourself. Or, hire an artist to create the perfect travel mural for your kid’s bedroom décor.

7. Luggage and Play Clothes

Children's Bedroom decor to inspire travel

Teach your kids how to pack and inspire their little minds to create the next travel adventure. Add a little suitcase filled with dress up clothes to their décor. They can fold the clothes and put them in their suitcase, pretending to get ready for a flight or road trip.

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