As soon as the COVID-19 restrictions were dropped, the number of travelers deciding to take a trip outside their country started to increase again. This has caused the authorities of several popular destinations to express their concerns about over-tourism. Three of the four destinations that will introduce tourist taxes or increase the fee of the existing ones this year are located in the European continent, according to Euronews.

According to local governments, the tourist taxes generate additional revenue for the local governments and help fund sustainable tourism initiatives. However, some critics argue that such taxes may discourage tourists from visiting these destinations and have a negative impact on the local economy. 

Check out the list of nations below for those that have already implemented or will do so this year:


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Barcelona, the most visited city in Spain, has been applying a tourist tax for all its visitors since 2012. The specific amount of the tax varies depending on the type of accommodation and the length of stay.

Valencia has also decided to introduce a tourist tax for all visitors staying in all types of accommodation in the region. Once implemented, visitors staying in Valencia will have to pay a nightly fee between 50 cents and €2 for up to seven nights. The revenue generated from this tax will help the sustainable development of the tourism sector and provide affordable housing for locals.


boats in water canal in Venice Italy - European Summer Tours
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Venice, a renowned tourist destination in Italy, is planning to introduce a fee ranging from €3 to €10. The amount of the fee will depend on factors such as the season and the number of tourists visiting the city. The intention behind this fee is to manage tourism impact and support the preservation and maintenance of the city’s infrastructure and cultural heritage.

Italy as a whole applies a tourist tax, with the fee ranging from €3 to €7 per person per night. The exact amount can vary based on the specific location and type of accommodation.


traditional wooden boat in the clear turquoise blue waters on the beach shoreline of Phuket, Thailand
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Thailand is in the process of planning and implementing a tourist fee of approximately €8. The details regarding the specific application and collection methods of this fee are expected to be disclosed in due course.


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Austria has an existing policy that requires all travelers to pay an overnight accommodation tax. The exact amount of the tax varies depending on the location and category of the accommodation chosen by the visitor. In Vienna or Salzburg, you’ll pay an extra 3.02% of the hotel bill per person.


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Belgium applies a tourist tax to all visitors staying in accommodations throughout the country. In some cases, the tax is included in the hotel room rate, while other establishments may separate the cost as a supplemental charge.This charge averages about USD 8.15 per person, per night, but might be more or lower depending on the hotel’s location, size, and rating.


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Bhutan, a unique and culturally rich destination, has a minimum fee per day of €228 during the high season. This fee covers various aspects of the visitor’s experience in Bhutan, including accommodation, meals, guided tours, and sustainable development initiatives.

Caribbean Islands

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The Caribbean Islands encompass multiple destinations, and the tourist fee can vary across different locations within the region. The fee typically ranges from €13 to €45, depending on the specific destination and the type of accommodation selected by the visitor.


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Croatia applies a tourist fee of €1.33 per person per night, and this fee is charged individually to each visitor. The revenue generated from this fee contributes to the maintenance and enhancement of tourism infrastructure and services in Croatia.


Cruise ship in the bay, Gialos, Symi, Greece
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Greece applies a tourist tax that can reach up to €4 per room per night. The exact amount may vary depending on the specific location and category of the accommodation.


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Japan has a departure tax that amounts to approximately $7 per person. This tax is collected from individuals when they leave the country and is intended to support tourism-related initiatives.


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Malaysia imposes a tourist tax on visitors staying in accommodations, amounting to approximately $5 per night. The tax is applied on a per-night basis and is included in the total cost of the accommodation.


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In Switzerland, a tourist fee of around €2.20 per person per night is charged for stays of up to 40 days. The tax is specified as a separate amount to assist visitors in tracking their expenses effectively.