There’s something revolutionary about Black love, and when paired with a mutual interest in travel, it doesn’t get much better. Originally from Syracuse, Steve and Nasha’s story began when they attended the same high school. But a proper connection wasn’t formed until many years later. By chance, their paths crossed at the funeral of a friend, and romance sparked.

The rest, as they say, is history.

“During the repass, we recognized each other, though neither of us could remember the other person’s name,” Steve told Travel Noire. “But after giving each other a hug, or the hug as Nasha calls it, she immediately knew that I was the one.”

Both credit divine intervention for reuniting them, especially since Steve was living in Atlanta and traveled to New York to attend the funeral. Whatever force was responsible, Steve and Nasha are grateful. Travel enhances their marriage, but they had globetrotting experience long before they tied the knot. Passion for adding stamps to passports resulted in the creation of their business, Changing Pace Travel, in 2017.

“Through countless late-night conversations, we determined that travel was one of our commonalities and loves,” Steve explained. “We both started traveling young, thanks to the opportunities our parents provided for us. As a couple, we travel for business and pleasure, and have been to Barbados, Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and Puerto Rico.”

Photo by Steve Pace

Jamaica holds sentimental value, as that is where Steve proposed to Nasha. But they waxed poetic about their trip to the Bahamas, and how recharged they felt. They encountered wildlife, conquered their fears by learning to drive on the left side of the road, and plenty more.

“It exceeded our expectations,” Nasha said. “We checked off every box on our list of wants and needs in one place. We were given instructions on how to find Coco Plum Beach, and Steve did all the driving. After a mile of driving to what looked like nowhere, we saw the most beautiful beach ever. We walked out to the middle of the ocean at low tide. It was crystal clear, and the sand was soft as cotton. We had it to ourselves for hours.”

Professionally, Steve and Nasha refer to themselves as life enrichment specialists who take pride in catering to their clientele. Whether the client requires guidance from start to finish, or needs minimal assistance, they’re in good hands.

“We don’t just focus on the price point and the destination, but the experience you say you want to have,” Steve said. “For some travelers, that could be rest and relaxation, adventure activities, wilderness exploration, or doing something unconstrained. Many times, it’s a combination of sorts, and that’s where we come in. Our goal is to be there for every reason, and to give clients an authentic experience to remember for a lifetime.”

Photo by Steve Pace

Steve and Nasha host trips together and separately. Nasha’s retreats for women of color have been held in Bermuda, Barbados, Martha’s Vineyard and France, with others in the pipeline. Steve, who loves fishing and the Dallas Cowboys, specializes in sports travel packages.

Changing Pace Travel caters to families, groups of friends and couples, and just about all facets of travel are covered, from accommodations to transportation. When clients return home refreshed, Steve and Nasha follow up, using the feedback to inform future planning.

“Our business has grown over the past year,” Nasha said. “Now we are a Host Travel agency providing services to new and experienced travel advisors.”

Curating travel requires patience and attention to detail, as anybody in the business knows. But through it all, Steve and Nasha persevere, grounded by their faith, expertise and devotion to each other.

“Traveling and crafting experiences for others have allowed us to be more in touch with ourselves,” Nasha said. “We learn about what brings us joy, what we like and dislike, and what our strengths and weaknesses are. Travel in itself has stretched our imaginations, perspectives, and creativity. When we created our business, we promised to use the experiences God gave us, share them with others and offer an authentic perspective.”

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