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Top Guilty Travel Pleasures Exposed [2023 Study]

When travelers hit the road, they often harbor secret pleasures that elevate their journeys....

Brunno Braga Oct 27, 2023
Passenger Holding Baby Picks Fight With Flight Attendant

A United Airlines flight attendant had her life threatened by a passenger on a flight to Chicago...

Rafael Peña Nov 16, 2022
Viral Video Shows TikTok Plus-Size Traveler  Complaining About Seat Size. "I'm Going On Top Of The Next Person's Seat"

Traveling can become a very unpleasant experience for many plus-size people, mainly in the...

Brunno Braga Oct 28, 2022
SpiceJet Passengers Choke On Smoke For 25 Minutes

Passengers in India literally “didn’t want the smoke” on a Spicejet flight from Goa to Hyderabad...

Rafael Peña Oct 20, 2022
Airline Passenger Drapes Hair Behind Her Seat

On a flight from Athens to Amsterdam , a passenger is seen on camera draping her blond hair over...

Rafael Peña Oct 10, 2022
Travel Nurse's Viral TikTok Warns Of This Area In Georgia

A recent viral TikTok warns of this area in Georgia and has taken social media by storm. A travel...

Amara Amaryah Sep 12, 2022