Marisa A. Grey is the owner and creator of Sauces N Seasonings, a company producing authentic Caribbean-inspired seasonings and sauces to bring your meals to life. A proud mother of three boys, she hails from St. George’s, Grenada and relocated to the United States to complete her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in communication. 

In 2017, Marisa started a small catering business that delivered Caribbean meals to businesses throughout her community. However, when the pandemic began, it became unsafe for her to continue with her in-person deliveries. 

It was then that the idea to create authentic, small-batch sauces and unique seasonings came from her brother-in-law, who suggested that, to adjust to the changes brought on by the pandemic, Marisa should bottle the seasonings and sauces that she used in her catering business, so that others could cook genuine Caribbean cuisine in the comfort of their homes. Thus, Sauces N Seasonings was born in August 2020.

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“My brother-in-law and I were discussing the economic impact of COVID-19 when he suggested that I turn the seasonings and sauces that I used in my catering into a more widely available product that could be bought online,” said Marisa. “Sadly, this was our last conversation, but that fueled my desire to use HIS famous Grenadian Green Seasoning and Pepper Sauce recipes to start my Sauces N Seasonings line. The line grew as customers started inquiring more about different recipes and seasonings that they could use to create Caribbean/Grenadian dishes.”

Today, the Sauces N Seasonings line of products consists of more than 10 different blends, all of which are staples in Caribbean cooking. The Mango Sauce is a versatile sauce made with fresh mangoes and Grenadian spices, which can be used not only as a dipping sauce, but also as a marinade for chicken and seafood dishes, or as a spread on warm bread, biscuits, or bakes.

The Grenadian Pepper Sauce, available in Original, Pineapple, Mango, and Barbecue Jerk, consists of an infusion of Scotch bonnet peppers, seasoning peppers, pineapple, and mango to create a sweet and spicy pepper sauce.

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“Our Grenadian Green Seasoning is a blend of green herbs, ginger, garlic, and a variety of peppers, but most importantly, it is infused with our local Grenadian spices. It is what most Grenadian households use as a base to season their meats and seafood.”

Other Sauces N Seasonings blends include the brand’s Tamarind Sauce, Curry Paste, All-in-one Browning Sauce, Jerk Marinade, and more. Customers also have the option of ordering a customized blend to satisfy their nutritional needs or taste preferences.

For Marisa, one of the most important aspects of her business in ensuring all of her products are made-to-order, guaranteeing optimal freshness. She does not add any artificial preservatives to any of her products, and, true to her heritage, uses only 100% fresh Grenadian spices.

Photo courtesy of Sauces N Seasonings

“The infusion of actual Grenadian spices and fresh ingredients brings a completely different flavor and fragrant profile to all my products. Food creates connections, and these connections create an interest. Customers are interested, not only in my products and how they are used, but also in my background.”

“This curiosity allows me the ability to share with them tidbits about Grenadian food, culture, language, and my heritage. I love creating that link between our food, history, and the cultural connections that I associate with it. Many people are not familiar with my gem of an island and, it is amazing to spark a little curiosity within them about Grenada.”

Having grown from a company that started out with just two recipes, Sauces N Seasonings is continually expanding and adding new items based on customer feedback and demand. There are currently new products in the works that will be available soon.

For more information, visit and follow Sauces N Seasonings on Instagram and Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Sauces N Seasonings

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