Experience The Real Grenada Through Tri-Island Chocolate Factory And Cultural Tours
Photo Credit: Tri-Island Chocolate

Photo Credit: Tri-Island Chocolate

Experience The Real Grenada Through Tri-Island Chocolate Factory And Cultural Tours

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Dec 24, 2021

Tri-Island is the first open-to-the-public ‘tree-to-bar’ chocolate factory in Grenada.

Centrally located in the heart of St George’s, Tri-Island’s memorable tours have attracted many to the island to learn about cocoa and other locally sourced produce. Offering a chance to experience and appreciate all aspects of the chocolate making process, Tri-Island Chocolate invites guests to learn what cocoa is, how it is grown and processed and even how to make personalized chocolate bars ready to take home. 

Tri-Island Chocolate
Credit: Tri-Island Chocolate

The Chocolate factory and café opened its doors to the public with the purpose of showcasing what it means to be ethical in the world of chocolate making. As farmers and chocolate makers, caring for the cocoa on the land and cultivating a range of fine flavored chocolate products is what keeps the experience grassroots and unique. 

Aaron Sylvester, Founder of Tri-Island Chocolate, described some key visions and motivations for the business to make farming sustainable in Grenada and showcase climate-smart agriculture. This manifests in many ways such as Tri-Island’s alignment with local beekeepers and with the family-made Ital dishes that are served to guests to provide a fuller and more authentic Grenadian experience. 

Founder Aaron Sylvester, Credit: Tri-Island Chocolate

A tour at Tri-Island’s Chocolate Factory goes beyond becoming a chocolate connoisseur. There are a wide range of tours and experiences which present the full-scope of what Grenadian-owned agricultural tourism can provide.

Other tours include bush tea tasting, honey tasting, Rastafarian roots-to-bar experience, beekeeping and the scenic chocolate and rum tasting where you can enjoy a range of rums and chocolates from across the Caribbean islands while taking in the signature Caribbean sunset on an evening cruise. 

Credit: Tri-Island Chocolate

From the tours to the immersive community experiences, Tri-Island feeds the curiosity for those looking for an authentic and sustainably focused Grenadian tour. Whichever tour you take will inevitably lead you deeper into knowledge about the island’s history, its land and the gifts that come from it.

The brand can only be described as a truly delicious experience and an exciting space in Grenada’s flourishing bean-to-bar tourism landscape. 

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