Visiting The Spice Isle? Here's A Local's Ultimate Guide To Grenada
Photo Credit: Harmony

Photo Credit: Harmony

Visiting The Spice Isle? Here's A Local's Ultimate Guide To Grenada

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Nasha Smith
Nasha Smith Jul 10, 2021

Grenada is the southernmost Eastern Caribbean country in the Antilles archipelago. But the Spice Isle — a nod to its bountiful nutmeg plantations — is actually the mainland, surrounded by a smattering of smaller islands. Like many of its neighbors, Grenada’s miles of white sand, turquoise waters, natural reserves, waterfalls, and cuisine are standouts for tourists. But you can never truly know a country like a local, which is why Travel Noire turned to a daughter of the soil to provide a guide to her Grenada.

Harmony is a content creator and copywriter from Canal Road, Grenville, St. Andrew, or what she calls the “countryside.” She had her own travel epiphany while studying international business at St. George’s University.

“A year before I was supposed to graduate, I said, ‘You know what? This is not what I want to be doing.’ So I took a sabbatical and I went traveling for about four years.”

Her leap of faith took her to nearby Trinidad, where she lived for seven months. Harmony also did stints sailing between Antigua and St. Maarten, Costa Rica, Panama, and Guatemala. But as cliché as it may sound, home truly is where her heart is and Harmony loves nothing more than exploring her homeland. She shared with us the ultimate guide to Grenada.

Underwater Sculpture Park


There’s an underwater museum here in Grenada. It’s just off of the western side of the island, and basically an ode to Grenadian history and culture. There’s a sculpture called The Nutmeg Princess and the circle of children joining hands. It’s a tribute to the slave trade here in Grenada. It also doubles as a secondary reef for that side of the island. That’s my number one absolute favorite place to go.  And I can’t swim, so it’s safe for people who can’t swim.

Sailing on the Jambalaya


This is a 75-foot schooner, and it’s owned by a woman, which is not something that you see very often; women sailors. The reason why I love going out with her specifically is that it’s more comfortable and safe for me as a woman, and I like to do stuff on my own. Her staff is very welcoming. It’s not like some of the other boats that I’ve been on, where you might get hit on, so I love going out with her. She has amazing price packages, which include vegan options for food if that’s your lifestyle, which a lot of the other boats don’t offer.

The Lookout Point in St. Patrick’s


There’s a lot of different names for it. The one that I know is Rose hill and it’s a trek up a really steep hill. The lookout shows you Sugar Loaf and some other islands of the Grenadines. And there’s a lake, the Levera Pond, that you can see overlooking. It’s in the shape of Texas.

Pearls Airport

Guide to Grenada
Courtesy of Harmony

The Pearls Airport is an abandoned airport that was built back in the 1940s. There was controversy surrounding it because it was built by Cubans, and we got invaded, partly because of this airport. The US thought that it was a military airport for the Cubans to launch their missions.

Sunday barbecue at Aquarium Restaurant


My favorite food spot is also kind of an event. It’s Sunday barbecue at Aquarium restaurant. There’s live music every Sunday from some of Grenada’s best live bands. The food there’s amazing. My cousin and I actually partner with them for content but I’m not just saying that because we’re doing content for them. The food is amazing. The service is amazing. The music, the ambiance — everything. It’s right by the ocean. And then they have an upstairs event space, which is my second favorite place to be. They do specials on Prosecco and champagne every Friday and they have some of the best DJs come and play there.

Cherry’s Kitchen

Guide to Grenada
Cherry’s Kitchen Facebook

Cherry’s Kitchen is a sushi spot owned by these two amazing Filipinos. They’ve been in Grenada for a really long time to the point where the only way that you can tell that they’re not Grenadian is by looking at them because if you hear them speak, they sound like us. They have amazing sushi and the prices are unbeatable. They actually rival in taste even some of the more upscale sushi spots here in Grenada.

Chadon Beni Roti Shop and Grill


In terms of really nice dinner spots, I would have to say Chadon Beni. They’re a roti shop but then at night, they transform into this grill that you can get amazing steaks, lobster, and fish. The price also is amazing. I want value for my money. I’m never gonna break the bank just to eat, so I always look for the best price for taste.

The National Dish: Oil Down

It’s not something that is prepared every day because it takes so long to make. But most of the local food spots, you’ll get it there. You won’t get it at restaurants per se. But there are all these little food shops on the side of the road that offer oil down on a Friday. I can’t tell you exactly where you can get it because it’s one of those dishes that I would eat from literally anywhere. Wherever I see it, I’m stopping, and I’m getting it.

Asiatique at Silversands


I like this hotel called Silversands, but it’s mad expensive. Actually, you have to have your dollars to go there. But they have a restaurant there called Asiatique and the food there is really, really good. It’s like Asian Caribbean fusion in a way.

Annandale Waterfall & Forest Park


Annandale is a waterfall but right at the edge of it, there is an amazing restaurant. It overlooks the waterfall itself and their food is really good as well. The service is amazing. Pretty well priced. The only issue that I have with them is that you would either have to be driving or catching a taxi because it’s really far out of the way. It’s almost halfway into the rainforest.

Honorable mention to breakfast at Radisson Grenada Beach Resort, House of Chocolate, and hiking Mount Qua Qua and Mount Saint Catherine.

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