Most Affordable Destinations To Visit This Summer
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Most Affordable Destinations To Visit This Summer

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Apr 8, 2019

As people from around the world prepare for vacations from work and school, summer tends to be an expensive time to travel.  Prices for flights and accommodations almost double during the summer months compared to any other time of year.

Don’t let that discourage you from traveling during the summer season.

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Here’s a list of some of the cheapest places to travel to this summer: 


Rome is the perfect destination for a European get-away. Even though summer is a peak travel time to Rome, you can avoid popular tourist attractions and opt to do some local shopping or eat outdoors in a Roman piazza.

Flights from the U.S. to Rome this summer are priced for as low as $331 on Tap Portugal, according to Fare Compare. 


Round-trip flights to Barcelona are ranging anywhere between $296 and $307 from various departure cities in the United States, according to Skyscanner.

During the summer, you can eat and party on the rooftops in Barcelona, watch a movie at palace Sala Montjuic or on the beach.

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As the details surrounding Brexit unfolds, trips to London are more affordable, as reported in CNBC.

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According to Skyscanner, August is the cheapest time to travel to London when round-trip flight prices are ranging from $355 to $405. 


The best time to travel to Havana is from December through April because it’s considered dry season on the island. 

The wet season begins in June, and travelers should completely avoid Cuba from August through October when there are huge risks for hurricanes.

With that being said, there’s a small window in the summer that has a lower risk of tropical storms in the month of July.

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Summer is an interesting time to visit Cuba for festivals and Carnival in many cities, according to Cuba Group Tour.

There are various cities in the U.S. where flights are under $300 round-trip, according to Skyscanner.

The best thing to do if booking a flight during this time is to purchase travel insurance to be prepared.

San Jose, Costa Rica

All summer long, flights to San Jose, Costa Rica can be found under $300 round-trip on Skyscanner.  

With the tropical climates,  Costa Rica makes a great trip all-year long.  What makes summer in Costa Rica special is that while people are flocking to Europe for vacation, July and August are considered low season for tourism. Summer in Costa Rica is the best time to avoid large crowds.

Don’t Rule Out Domestic Trips

There are also deals on domestic destinations this summer, including Myrtle Beach for as low as $85 round-trip in June; round-trip flights to Miami for as low as $105 in July; and vacations to Los Angeles for as low as $75 round-trip in August, according to Skyscanner.

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